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Mega-Hung Straight Man Tommy Splits Scottie’s Tight Ass In Two

by on Nov.08, 2013, under SpunkWorthy

I’ll be straightforward with you – it wasn’t easy to talk Tommy into fucking a man. He was pretty adamant about not wanting to do it and I had almost forgot about the whole idea. There’s a saying, though, that pretty much any straight man has his price, so I upped the cash amount and lo and behold – Tommy said yes! It’s quite a bit of cash, mind you, and if you ask me I wouldn’t think twice about fucking either a man or woman for that amount of green papers. Tommy is an all-around hot straight man, but the thing that really stands out is his huge, thick monster cock! It measures 7 inches in length and 6 inches in girth, so it’s a tool to be reckoned with. I was really curious to find out how it would look like when he bones another dude’s ass with it.

Now, we’ve already met Scottie, a super cute and handsome muscled dude who would like to experiment more with his bisexuality, and, especially to experience more of the bottoming role with other men. He already bottomed for beefy straight Nicholas, but this is going to be his first time to receive a truly huge dick up his tight ass. When he saw Tommy’s dick on the pictures he got a bit concerned whether he’d be able to accommodate that kind of super-sized man’s rod in his almost virginal ass, but he promised that he’d do his best. Luckily, everything went well and, in short, Tommy gave Scottie a fuck of his life.

First, Scottie didn’t want to waste any time but proceeded to suck Tommy’s tool right from the get go. I swear I thought that Scotty would get scared when Tommy’s cock grew to its full size and girth – I mean, it’s fucking huge – but Scottie decided to take it as a man.

After having given Tommy a nice sloppy blowjob, Scottie put on some lube on Tommy’s dick and began to impale on it slowly. There were some issues at first, but ultimately Scottie’s wish to feel that delicious huge cock deep inside him prevailed, and he succeeded in receiving it completely inside his ass. All the time Scottie also stroked his own cock which remained hard throughout the shoot.

Next, Scottie changed the position and got on his back while Tommy spread his legs and started to fuck him like that. Tommy seems to have forgotten how big he is and started to just fuck Scottie regardless of the pain Scottie was going through. Scottie decided to be a man about this and took it all with only a bit of grunting and moaning.

But that wasn’t the end of Scottie’s troubles. Tommy had not finished with his ass yet. The next position was doggy style and both men got into a really furious mode. Tommy now pounds Scottie really hard so that Scottie had to grab the pillow with his hands, trying to get over the intense feelings from Tommy’s unrelenting, merciless assaults in his ass. Scottie even bit the pillow as it must have been intensely painful for him.

Tommy turned Scottie around and started to shoot his jizz all over Scottie’s six pack. Only a few short moments after that Scottie followed suit and shot his load. Obviously, all that pain wasn’t only just pain, he was enjoying it a lot and Tommy proved to be a good top who can fuck the jizz out of a man. Scotty’s load flew all the way to his chest, which suggests his hole was fucked really well and he had built up a lot of pressure in the balls and prostate.

In the end we had two sweaty men, Scotty’s body covered with jizz and his hole demolished. When I asked Scotty how he liked the experience he said, "A lot… but good." Well, he ain’t a virgin anymore, that’s for sure.


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