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Young Straight Athlete Scotty Punished, Beaten & Fucked By His Masters

by on Dec.19, 2013, under BreederFuckers

It’s a lot of fun to watch these BDSM movies from BreederFuckers (once known as Straight Hell). Of course, they are simulated from the beginning to end, and are not real, but I find them entertaining because they can be quite hot in a twisted way. In sex everything is about domination and being dominated, and here this idea is pushed to its limits, although of course, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

In this episode we can watch the rough treatment of young straight dude Scotty who dared to wank off without first asking humbly for the permission to do that from his Master. Scotty’s Master keeps this young hetero sportsman under constant observation and severely punishes any disobedience. This is to ensure the quality of his "training".

Scotty is now made to endure the nasty treatment by his master, hopefully realizing in the process that his own selfish desires are not the primary thing and that he should adopt a more humble approach toward others, especially towards his Masters. His masculine body will be solely used for the satisfaction of his Masters’ desires as of this moment. His cock is tied up with a leash and immobilized by attaching the leash to the wall.

Now after immobilizing him, his ass will be punished by delivering many strokes with a cane that cause severe pain. After the beating his ass cheeks have completely turned to the red color. He’s so exhausted by this severe whipping that every next stroke makes his all body tremble.

After the beating he is ready to be thoroughly instructed in the virtue of humility and perseverance by being subjected to his Master’s fierce fucking. His Master calls his assistants to help him with the training of this naughty straight boy and they take turns fucking his ass.


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