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Girls Punish Their Macho Boyfriends Shamus & Ryan For Exaggerated Boasting

by on Jan.13, 2014, under CFNM

Shamus and Ryan are good buddies and they often work out together in the gym. Today they wanted to have a thorough workout while Shamus’ girlfriend Hazel and her friends Natalie and Melanie went to a nearby bar for a quick round of gossip.

While the women are busy gossiping just about everyone they can think of over a bottle of white wine, the two men are pumping iron. Shamus tells Ryan all about his past women and Ryan similarly boasts about his past and present girlfriends. It’s standard macho talk, complete with obvious exaggerations and boastful behavior that reminds one of swaggering peacocks.

When the girls learn about the men’s stories and exaggerated boasting, they promptly decide to put an end to this and teach the arrogant lads some humility. The best way to achieve this is, of course, by ordering the lads to get naked, remind them of their exaggerated stories and then rub their noses in it.


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