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Straight Inmate Kasper Must Endure Ass-Stretching Inspection

by on May.23, 2014, under CMNM

As days go by new prisoner Kasper realizes more and more that his new situation is not very favorable. He already realized he was in trouble and you can see some of his first encounters with the pervy prison staff here. He thought he could tough it out but this pervy doctor and prison guard proved to be much kinkier bastards than he could ever imagine.

The doctor and prison guard give out orders to Kasper and he must obey them. They tell him he must bend over and expose his ass so they can examine it with some weird tools. Whenever Kasper tries to retaliate and yell at his new masters, he gets reprimanded severely and the inspections get even harder.

Kasper’s virgin straight asshole gets stretched with a special instrument, but although painful – and especially mortifying for his big male ego – Kasper must stoically endure this predicament he found himself in. The alternative to that is being sent to solitary, and nobody wants that. So the pervy doctor and prison guard are free to do their kinky experiments and feast their eyes on Kasper’s stretched virgin straight arsehole.


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