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Paddy O’Brian Passionately Fucks Handsome Dani Demon

by on Jun.06, 2014, under Gods of Men

Here we have another passionate fuck scene from with Paddy O’Brian and Dani Demon. British super porn star Paddy O’Brian is lying in bed, daydreaming about someone special who could warm him up and with whom he could have some fun time in bed. And, what do you know? Dani Demon appears (whether only in Paddy’s dream or in reality it remains unclear) and the two hot men start making out.

While kissing him passionately, Dani starts rubbing Paddy’s cock and balls through the pants, which causes Paddy’s cock to quickly get hard as steel. Paddy pulls his pants down and his magnificent, huge, fat cock is standing there upright, eager to get sucked. Deni spits on it first to make it more slippery and strokes it a bit, then he swallows first the giant cockhead, and then the entire shaft as well. Deni’s shorts are gone, too, and now the two big cocks are touching each other while the two men are kissing. Deni is still spellbound by Paddy’s massive rod and can’t get enough of it, so he keeps on sucking it. Paddy helps him by gently fucking his mouth.

Now Paddy bends Dani over and eats his ass for some time. Then he slowly inserts his dick into Dani’s hole, giving Dani enough time to adjust to its considerable size. Paddy now fucks Dani from behind and the two men get into a steady fuck rhythm. Paddy now really pounds him hard, and Dani’s ass vibrates and ripples from the force of Paddy’s thrusts.

Next, Danny sits on Paddy’s cock and rides it for a while. Dani is hard throughout the shoot and never loses the erection. Paddy now fucks him very fast from below. Dani turns around so that he now faces Paddy’s face and sits on his cock again. Paddy pounds him hard again in this position, his entire rod being shoved into Dani’s ass. Dani turns around again (with his back towards Paddy’s face) and sits on Paddy’s cock, while stroking his own dick at the same time. The fucking is really very intense. Now Danny lies over Paddy while still being impaled on his cock and the two studs can kiss each other while Paddy continues to pound his ass. Paddy pulls out and the two men continue to grope each other’s hard cocks while kissing passionately.

Now Paddy lies sideways and penetrates Dani’s ass. Next, Dani lies on his back and Paddy lifts his legs outstretched so he can fuck him in that position. Both men cum almost at the same time, and while Dani is shooting his load Paddy pulls out and adds his load over Dani’s after only a few seconds.


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