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Two Young Sexy Mormon Boys Interviewed & Taken Advantage Of By Pervy Bishop

by on Mar.14, 2015, under MormonBoyz

Elder Berry and Elder Titov certainly have a lot of things to remember. They’ve gone through some difficult experiences together when they were abducted, stripped naked and used as sexual objects. However, as it’s usually the case in such situations, the two men became very close and, one might say, their friendship deepened in a lot of ways. Needless to say, physical intimacy is one of the important factors in their friendship now. Little by little, the guys acquired fondness of each other’s naked warm body while they were attempting to warm each other in the bed while they went through their ordeal. They came to appreciate the physical closeness and realized that it’s not such a bad thing after all!

Amazingly, it seems that Elder Titov actually needed just that in order to break out of his former shell. Now he’s become a real man and since the ordeal with the patriarch his butt has been penetrated multiple times. Elder Berry could hardly be described as a virgin, too, and as the more experienced of the two he served as Elder Titov’s mentor.

Today the pervy bishop called the two boys in his office for an interview. Since the bishop never calls any boys without having something sexy on his pervy mind, the boys knew exactly what they could expect. Even before the bishop spoke anything the boys’ cocks were almost fully hard. The bishop was pretty horny as well so he got down straight to the heart of the matter. Pretty soon Elder Berry’s clothes are gone, after the bishop tore them down in a not so gentle way. Elder Titov knows what he must do and takes off his clothes as well. The pervy bishop obviously knows what he’s doing because Elder Berry actually loves when older men give him orders. Meanwhile Elder Titov is a bit confused but when the bishop repeats his order the boy has no other choice but to obey.

Elder Berry is now standing there before the bishop dressed only in his sacred Mormon underwear, the outlines of his half-hard dick clearly visible through the textile. The bishop kisses the boy which has the immediate effect on the boy’s cock! Meanwhile various thoughts are going through Elder Titov’s head, such as – "will the bishop treat him roughly as well?" He feels awkward that the sight of his favorite friend being treated with such severity makes him hornier than ever. What a strange game the bishop is playing! The bishop continues to grope the boys’ crotches and then when the time is right the bishop proclaims "Now take your pants off!" and then the bishop proceeds to take off his own pants as well. Elder Titov can’t help but look at the bishop’s huge hard dick that is quite visible on his garments.

Next, the bishop gets on his knees and starts rimming Elder Berry’s ass, which is by now screaming to get fucked. Elder Titov is now at ease and is happy to see his buddy being treated in that way… it makes him totally horny too. Actually, Elder Titov has been fantasizing about watching the bishop’s huge dick while it penetrates his buddy’s ass for a long time, and now he’s going to have a chance to actually watch that.


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