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Lucas Knight Finds An Ingenious Solution For Mark Long’s Blue Balls Problem

by on Jun.19, 2015, under NextDoorBuddies

Mark Long has a bit of a problem… his new girlfriend appears to be a little scared of the size of his cock (it’s pretty big). As a consequence of this, Mark hasn’t had proper sex with her for ages, and his girlfriend isn’t terribly understanding when it comes to masturbation and now poor Mark is having a bad case of blue balls!

His gay friend, Lucas Knight thinks that Mark is simply looking for sex in all the wrong places. Instead of begging his new girlfriend to give him her pussy, he would be so much better off taking Lucas’ ass! Mark is unconvinced for quite some time, but Lucas explains his case so well that after some time there’s no doubt that Mark would be missing out if he didn’t accept Lucas’ offer. Furthermore, Lucas assures Mark that his big dick is by no means any problem. On the contrary, it’s a great asset! What’s more, Mark is told that he would be allowed to take Lucas’ ass whenever he wants, and – most importantly – he would never have to beg anyone for it!

The guys measure and compare their cocks and Lucas assures Mark that the size of his cock would never be a problem. Lucas’ arguments are obviously very convincing, so Mark eventually gives in and tells his buddy that he can blow his dick. Lucas drops to his knees in a matter of seconds and quickly whips out Mark’s beautiful cock. Soon enough Mark’s entire dick disappears inside Lucas’ cock-hungry mouth, until Mark’s balls reach Lucas’ lips. Mark is by now super-hard, he bends Lucas over the couch and begins to fuck his ass like a madman. With every thrust Mark’s cock goes deeper inside Lucas’ insatiable ass. Lucas is also curious to find out how it would feel like to ride that gorgeous straight dick, so he mounts Mark, impales on his dick and starts riding it like a cowboy. Mark then turns him over and pile drives him while Lucas strokes his cock. Soon enough Lucas can’t take it anymore and shoots his big load all over himself, making a huge mess. Mark pulls out too, and shoots his load all over Lucas. I guess this means Mark won’t be having any more blue-balls problems!


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