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Hung Pervy Men Teach Arrogant Straight Dude A Lesson In Humility

by on Jul.24, 2015, under BreederFuckers

John is a big muscular dude who suddenly found himself in big trouble. He is immobilized on a bench and there’s no way he can set himself free. He can yell and spout offensive swearing words at his captors, but that’s all. John used to be very arrogant and treated people that are weaker than himself very badly. Now is the time for the payback! He is forced to submit to his captors’ will and withstand anything they throw at him.

John’s ass crack looks deliciously inviting to these aggressive captors and it’s only a matter of time before it gets violated in the most brutal fashion. John’s sphincter attempts to resist the invasion of big dildos, but to no avail. When the big dildo penetrates his sorry ass, John’s entire face assumes beet-red color! The pervy men know that it takes a while to break the offensive mental attitude of arrogant straight men like John, so they work slowly and methodically. John is forced to lick one of the captor’s dirty boots, then one of the pervy guys shoves his big dick into John’s face. John is forced to service these pervy men, and whenever they notice he’s slacking, they punish him severely. One of the pervy men invades John’s tight straight ass and demolishes it, while the other guy is stuffing John’s mouth and throat with his cock. One of the pervy men, Dave, shoots his load all over John’s tongue so that this once arrogant straight dude will remember the taste for the rest of his life, which will hopefully remind him of the fact that there are more masculine men than him, and that he shouldn’t act as a complete cunt.


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