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Victor’s Double Tickle Torture

by on Sep.23, 2019, under TickledHard

Victor was so much fun when he was tickled last time that Franco decided to call Lance for assistance in this session. They first examine the tickle-sensitivity of Victor’s armpits, and then proceed to tickling his sides with feathers. Victor is very ticklish and starts swearing on top of his voice while the two guys keep tickle-torturing his armpits, hairy abs and so on. Victor’s face becomes red while the hot beefy guy attempts to defend himself against his tormentors!

Next on the schedule are Victor’s knees, and then the cutting of holes in his socks to enable them to tickle his toes and his size 9 soles. Victor’s socks are totally ripped apart, and Lance takes a lot of enjoyment in tickling the hell out of Victor’s meaty strong feet while at the same time tickling his upper body as well.

Victor pleads them to stop, and Lance as the beginner-tickler grants him that wish at first, but Franco is unmoved and continues to tickle Victor even harder. Lance realizes he’s been duped and decides to join in Franco’s sacred mission to tickle this man to his very limits. Now there are four strong male hands on Franco’s hot beefy muscular body and they seem to be hitting just the right spots where he’s most ticklish! Victor’s cock gets hard at times, which is a good sign – he must be enjoying it as well!

It’s always great to see a big muscle guy like this being totally overpowered by nothing more than gentle touches and tickling “torture”. His hairy muscles writing in spasms while he’s spouting swear words.

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