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Hot Naïve Straight Athlete Declan Inspected By Girls & Strict Headmistress

by on Oct.20, 2013, under CFNM

As we saw in one of the previous updates, sexy but inexperienced sportsman Declan was intercepted by a gang of horny girls (his sister’s friends) in the hallway while he was about to take a shower. The girls had their way with him, using the opportunity to inspect his hot, athletic, masculine body.

However, the girls also accused him of being a "pervert" (so as to ensure that he would be theirs in the future as well). The poor, naïve boy is forced to appear before the headmistress of the school. The headmistress is a very strict lady and her orders must be obeyed. As soon as she heard the girls’ version of what has transpired the headmistress orders Declan to remove all his clothes so she can see for herself his pecker, allegedly the main cause of all their troubles.

The poor boy looks very sexy while being inspected and harassed by a gang of horny women, and I have an inkling that the headmistress would not be satisfied just with a naked body inspection. Taking a sperm sample is in order…


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