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Four Very Hung Lads Suck Each Other Off In A Tent ("Mating Season 3")

by on Sep.02, 2013, under BlakeMason After Hours

We find these four hot guys (Fraser, Kai, Josh and Riley) lying on the ground in their sleeping bags. The boys are out camping and after several days without jerking off or having any kind of sex, it’s normal that they’re getting spontaneous erections. What’s a man to do with his hard cock? Jack it off, of course.

Kai and Josh were the first to take out their fully erect cocks for everyone to see and they started stroking them slowly. Fraser and Riley are at first reluctant to join in the circle jerk but their own dicks got hard by themselves just from watching other guys’ hard rods. I think it’s like a chain reaction, a man sees another man’s hard cock and that causes him to get an erection. In my experience it’s like that with most men regardless of their sexual orientation, but of course there are exceptions.

It’s rather obvious that Kai and Josh are desperate to get their dicks blown but Fraser and Riley are still kinda reluctant. Eventually Fraser and Riley join the fun because they were promised some financial compensation for their effort. Being unemployed this was a nice addition to their pocket.

Fraser starts blowing Kai and Riley gets down to work on Josh’s hard rod. All the men have quite big stiff cocks, that I found it a total turn on just to watch their imposing cocks sticking out! 

Fraser had some initial difficulties with taking Kai’s massive dick all the way. But then he focuses on the task and swallows Kai’s entire shaft, balls deep. It surprised me that Fraser is actually an expert deepthroating cocksucker.


Preview video:

Click here to watch their full video in perfect HD quality at BlakeMason After Hours!


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Big Compilation Of 40 Glorious Cumshots & Cum Eating Scenes

by on Feb.07, 2013, under SUCKoffGUYS

Is there anybody who doesn’t love cum and cumshots? And how about cumeating – the ultimate token of love for the person being serviced by the cocksucker?

If you’re like me, you just love cum, cumshots and cumeating. This update consists of 40 glorious cumshots that have been recorded by the guys at SUCKOffGUYS website. They specialize in blowjobs and are especially keen on big, messy jizz squirts that end up in the cocksucker’s mouth.

When you’re sucking a man’s dick, that is fine, but what you actually want is to make the man cum and eat his semen. That precious liquid, believed to be the elixir of life (and recently this claim was scientifically substantiated) is cocksucker’s bread and butter, so to speak, and he will never allow himself to waste even a drop of it.

I hope you’ll enjoy this cum fiesta as much as I did when we were compiling it from the big spunk-filled archive of Suckoffguys.

Next time we will see part 2 – with as much as 42 new sperm shootings.


Preview video:

Click here to watch their complete video in perfect HD quality at SUCKOffGUYS!

SUCKOffGUYS is a very interesting and hot amateur gay porn site that focuses on blowjobs, cum eating, cumshots, cum play and all things cum! The site owners are obviously total cum pigs and it shows. Be sure to check them out if you’re into beautiful hard cocks, blowing stiff rods and sperm in all varieties.


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Abdul Ravages Gary’s Tight Ass With His Huge FAT Cock

by on Nov.20, 2010, under MachoFucker

Abdul is a brand new addition in the Machofucker’s stable of Extra hung top fuckers. He’s very passionate, likes to get a properly done blowjob… but above all demands that his bottom bitches shut up and obey his orders.

When he fucks, he never stops, just pounds more and more, deeper and farther drilling into the unexplored depths of his bottom slaves.

Here we see him banging bottom guy Gary who was looking forward to letting a big-dicked top manhandle and drill his asshole hard and raw and without mercy. In the end Abdul deposits his entire load of sperm into Gary’s cum-hungry mouth and makes him swallow everything to the last drop and then lick his cock dry.


Short preview video:

Click here to watch this extraordinary video in its entirety on Machofucker!

Machofucker is a fantastic and refreshing gay hardcore site with tons of extremely hung and aggressive tops and cum and cock hungry bottoms. The action is always bareback mind you, and the tops almost always cum either inside the bottom’s ass or in their mouth. There is no script and no fake sounds or dialogue, just hard and raw fucking. The picture quality is very good and the camera angles are also pretty good and innovative.



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Two Spanish Hunks Fuck On The Beach At Night

by on Aug.18, 2010, under StagHomme

Staghomme presents a brand new episode: Barceloneta by Night … and boy oh boy, do they have a kinky and utterly hot new movie!

On enormous rocks covered with graffitti on the Spanish Barceloneta beach two horny fuckers record themselves getting it on with their camera on night vision. As the Mediterranean waves crash against the rocks Damien tells Bruno to get down on his knees. Bruno starts sucking but Damien tells him to hold on a minute….He’s got quite the piss load to unleash all over Bruno. He then comes back to Damien’s cock to get those last drops and then finish sucking him off till Damien busts a nut all over him.

Damien hands the camera to Bruno and gets down on his knees since his turn to swallow that big fat Catalonian cock. Bruno decides he wants more, so he sticks that monster dick of his deep into Damien’s hole. "Slowly, slowly!", Damien begs. Bruno doesn’t pay too much attention to his pleads, until Damien finally can’t take it anymore and takes Bruno’s dick out of his ass, only to end up with all of Bruno’s thick whit splooge all over that pretty face of his!!!


Short preview video:

Click here to watch this whole amazing video!

You will love the raw sexiness, dirty talk and passionate sex between Bruno and Damien…both of which you can watch only at Stag Homme!!


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Cute Stud With Huge Dick Serviced

by on May.07, 2010, under SUCKoffGUYS

It’s Seth’s turn to give Ethan’s huge tool a go.

Seth’s gag reflex sure got a good workout during this shoot. He chokes, starts to slobber and had to take a break a few times as Ethan’s cock is as thick as it is long.

Seth gives the deep throating one more go; Now that he’s warmed up, Seth was able to down the entire cock. Not an easy task! Great job Seth!

Seth works Ethan’s rock hard dick until a nice stream of warm white jizz lands on his face! Seth swallows the load and squeezes as much remaining man juice out of Ethan’s shaft as he could. He is sure to get every drop in his mouth.

If you like your guys cute, your dicks big, and your cum shots gobbled down, you will absolutely love this video!


Short preview video:

DAMN! I’m beginning to become jealous of these two guys, they keep discovering some of the nicest male specimens! Several weeks ago Aaron sucked off Ethan, and this week it’s Seth’s turn to feast on this gorgeous hard cock. 

Click here to watch the entire video where Seth blows and deepthroats Ethan’s massive hard stick!

If you love big and messy cumshots, you should defo visit SuckOffGuys, a site devoted to this very theme – lots of hot dudes emptying their balls and depositing hot, white cum onto their cocksucker’s face or indeed into his eager mouth!

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Shot In The Mouth

by on May.05, 2010, under SUCKoffGUYS

It’s well documented that Aaron is cum hound and Seth delivers the goods in this close-up and personal suck off video.

Seth was pre-cumming like a mad man and that always gets Aaron’s attention. Aaron gives one of his nice and slow bj’s that turns Seth on wicked hard.

Seth doesn’t want to wait any longer to shoot his nice load right into Aaron’s mouth. He drops a nice thick load and Aaron finishes the job by swallowing the entire thing, even asking for the stray shots to be put into his mouth!


If you love big and messy cumshots, you should defo visit SuckOffGuys, a site devoted to this very theme – lots of hot dudes emptying their balls and depositing hot, white cum onto their cocksucker’s face!

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Blowing Kelly

by on May.04, 2010, under New York Straight Men

Meet Kelly!  He is a home contractor in Staten Island. He come from a large Irish/Italian family and is a "cocky" ladies man. With his good looks he can afford to be a little arrogant, women just love him. He was a typical high school jock who practically dated the entire cheer leading squad. Most of the girls wanted to date him and most of the guys wanted to be him.

Fast forward to today, Kelly has learned that guys do give better head and blow jobs are one of his favorite things! He has no issue with a gay guy sucking his cock as long as they do it well and keep their mouth "shut" afterward.

Ben would never suck and tell, he just wanted to suck. When Kelly gets serviced, he has got to be dominant with his sucker, it’s the only way it will work for him. Luckily, Ben loves to be a submissive cocksucker and really enjoyed being on his knees looking up at Kelly. We venture to say that for both guys, that was the natural order of things.

Ben gave Kelly such an amazing blow job that when it came time for Kelly to bust his nut, he DRENCHED his sucker in sperm. Ben was covered in thick ropes of straight guy seed, which after all was the natural order of things.


Click here to watch his entire video on NewYorkStraightMen, a unique site devoted largely to blowjobs and our beloved straight guys!

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Surprise Blowjob: Joe’s Hard Cock Can’t Wait

by on Apr.28, 2010, under New York Straight Men

Joe stopped by unexpectedly for a Blow Job. He explained that he was working on his bike (motorcycle, that is), took it out for a ride, and while he tooling around on his crotch rocket, feeling his balls vibrate that he realized he had a load and it needed to be worked out.

He figured he needed a sure bet, so he stopped by and his hunch paid off, we had one of our cocksuckers on duty. When Joe arrived, Sergio was in the middle of sucking off JJ (the mailman from a few weeks back). Joe waited patiently in the wings giving the other guy his privacy with the sucker.

Sergio’s lips hadn’t even dried when Joe stepped on the scene, he needed to get sucked off badly. JJ who was surprised himself, just got out of the way put on his underwear and was off. Now Sergio had to focus his energy on Joe and his hairy, hard cock. Joe was grimy and sweaty but made no apologies, he came expecting a bj,  plain and simple.

Sergio the pro that he is, delivered an amazing blow job for Joe. It was just what he needed. When Joe blew his thick load it landed on Sergio’s lips and Joe’s hairy abs. Sergio without missing a beat, ate the load right off of Joe!


Well, Sergio certainly made an effort and proved to be an outstanding cocksucker, bringing the recepient Joe to the very center of ecstasy and beyond for a few seconds. Joe splattered his hot cum all over Sergio’s eager mouth, and the obedient cocksucker licked the load up to the last drop.

Click here to watch their entire video on NewYorkStraightMen, a unique site devoted largely to blowjobs and our beloved straight guys (who are truly straight if you’re wondering)!

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Stud With A Huge 9-Inch Cock Being Sucked Off

by on Apr.08, 2010, under SUCKoffGUYS

Ethan, 23 years old has got a handsome face with a smile to match, a great ass, a huge perfectly shaped 9+ inch cock, and a rockin’ body.

Ethan bends over and Aaron goes to town licking his hot hairy ass. Aaron then starts blowing Ethan; trying to get the whole thing in down his throat was really a challenge! His cock is just amazing; it’s as fat as it is long!

When it was time to squirt, Ethan delivered his great tasting load straight into Aaron’s hungry mouth.


Wow, this stud and his big cock is what dreams are made of!

Can you imagine how lucky the guy in the black shirt for having the chance to feast on that massive juicy hard stick of pure manliness?

Luckily, the whole thing has been documented in the movie entitled “Ethan Gets Sucked Off” which you can find if you click this link to Suck Off Guys!

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Ben Blows Frankie After Work

by on Mar.27, 2010, under New York Straight Men

We have one word to describe this movie…FUCKING HOT! Okay that’s two words because one word isn’t enough.

Frankie arrived  from a long day at work, he was meeting with potential customers and told us that he needed to be drained.

Ben was up for the job, however we decided to turn the camera on and let the guys decide where to take it. Are we glad we did it that way…this long movie has just about it all: cocksucking, rimming, nipple play (Frankie even fucked Ben at one point but Ben asked us to turn the camera off because he wasn’t ready to be filmed get fucked yet, BUT we are working on it for the future!), there was licking, slurping and face fucking!

In fact there is even cum eating! Frankie wedged Ben’s head between the bottom of the sofa and his crotch and fucked the hell out of Ben’s mouth until blasted his load right down Ben’s throat! Both agreed it was a great way to end long busy work day!


Click here to watch their whole video, it’s fucking hot!

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