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Firefighter Mikey Fucks Police Officer Marc

by on Sep.03, 2009, under All American Heroes

Firefighter Mikey met up with Police Officer Marc to make Marc his little French bitch. This wasn’t the first time Marc had the living shit fucked out of him, but this did not stop him from feeling like a virgin. When Marc oggled Mikey’s growing stiff, it was only a matter of time that Mikey would notice. As soon as he did, boy was it on. Mikey shoved Marc’s head completely down his shaft, forcing his thick rod into Marc’s gagging muzzle. Not giving a rat’s ass about how deep his cock went, Mikey continued to force Marc’s mouth up and down his pole.

If Marc had gag reflexes before he sure does not now.

Finally letting Marc have a breather, Mikey forcefully put Marc in position and plowed straight in the dark tunnel like a jackhammer headed to the center of the Earth. Marc, moaned and grunted with ecstasy letting Mikey know that he had found the center of Marc’s throbbing ass.

Using Marc to satisfy all his needs, Mikey fucked him like the French whore that he is. When it was time for Mikey to dump his gigantic load, he leapt over to Marc’s face and let his juicy cum loose all over the cop’s face. Marc enjoyed the warm sensation of Mikey’s steamy jizz hitting his cheek so much that he let out loud, blissful moans. With both men heaving deep sighs of relief the camera zooms in on Mikey’s creamy, white ropes as they slid down Marc’s flushed face, giving this cop the time of his life.




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