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Firefighter Maddock Ravages Marine’s Tight Ass

by on Dec.11, 2009, under All American Heroes

A Firefighter and a marine walk into a room. They have idle chatter and walk out with grins on their satisfied faces. What happened during the time between? A marine had a wild ride on a firefighter. That’s right, when Sam met up with hunky Firefighter Maddock, Maddock was bound to have his first fuck with a guy. Who better to show this young hottie than the older, more experienced Sam?

Sam showed Maddock how to suck off a guy by putting his tight wet mouth around Maddock’s bulbous, purple head and sucking it tenderly till Maddock had a full erection. Licking around Maddock’s thick shaft, Sam tries to deep throat the mammoth sausage and gags horrifically but doesn’t quit. He tries again and succeeds in engulfing Maddock’s delicious member.

Desperately wanting more Sam begs for Maddock to fuck and of course Maddock agrees to sink his magnificent cock into Sam’s hungry hole. Straddling Maddock like a cowboy, Sam begins to ride his stallion with in a rhythmic bucking. It wasn’t until Maddock decided to turn the tables, and plow his giant horse dick into Sam that it started to get intense.

With Maddock fucking Sam like a rabid animal, Sam moaned and grunted in unfathomable ecstasy. Shivering with pleasure with each deep thrust of Maddock’s rock-hard pecker, Sam begins to clench his ass tighter making it a sheer impossibility for Maddock to hold his load in any longer.

Exhausted from his ass being fucked into submission, Sam lies on the corner of the bed awaiting the sweet retribution that will spew out of Maddock. Like a hot, steamy geyser, thick, white cum sprays out of Maddock’s throbbing cock. Showering Sam, warm jizz lands everywhere, leaving glistening white drops of cum that sparkle in the lime light. Sam’s face is aglow with sparkles of moist, creamy, cum splattered from forehead to chin.


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