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Blowing Kelly

by on May.04, 2010, under New York Straight Men

Meet Kelly!  He is a home contractor in Staten Island. He come from a large Irish/Italian family and is a "cocky" ladies man. With his good looks he can afford to be a little arrogant, women just love him. He was a typical high school jock who practically dated the entire cheer leading squad. Most of the girls wanted to date him and most of the guys wanted to be him.

Fast forward to today, Kelly has learned that guys do give better head and blow jobs are one of his favorite things! He has no issue with a gay guy sucking his cock as long as they do it well and keep their mouth "shut" afterward.

Ben would never suck and tell, he just wanted to suck. When Kelly gets serviced, he has got to be dominant with his sucker, it’s the only way it will work for him. Luckily, Ben loves to be a submissive cocksucker and really enjoyed being on his knees looking up at Kelly. We venture to say that for both guys, that was the natural order of things.

Ben gave Kelly such an amazing blow job that when it came time for Kelly to bust his nut, he DRENCHED his sucker in sperm. Ben was covered in thick ropes of straight guy seed, which after all was the natural order of things.


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