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Naked Marine – Private Aleco Services His Military Buddy Doyle

by on Jan.16, 2012, under Naked Marine

If you like to see two soldiers sucking each other off, then this will be a treat for you. We’ve invited our old friend Petty Officer Doyle, a navy vet of seven years and paired him with Private Aleco who has just joined the military.

Private Aleco keeps asking Doyle various questions regarding the military life and Doyle tells him about the time he spent together with his army buddies whom he considers to be his friends for life. There were some pretty wild stories about his leave in Hong Kong when they apparently had some hookers. Aleco’s attention markedly intensified after the word “hooker” and then they watched some straight porn I put especially for them.

Doyle starts to fondle his balls and cock through the pants. Doyle is obviously very attracted to the girl in the movie and says “She really likes it… Makes you wanna beat off!” Private Aleco, who has been staring into Doyle’s growing dick inside the pants, makes a sly remark, “Yeah, you should!”

Since Aleco obviously doesn’t mind if he jerks off, Doyle whips out his stiff cock from his uniform. He tugs it with strong jerking movements, while still emerged in the porn movie that plays on the screen.

Aleco is constantly drawn to Doyle’s cock. He tries to concentrate on the movie and rub one out himself, but his attention always slips to Doyle’s hard fuck stick. Doyle now notices that Aleco stares at his hard dick. He turns quickly and for a brief moment their eyes meet. In this instant they understood each other perfectly without anyone uttering a word.

Aleco takes Doyle’s already stiff cock and begins to squeeze it. Doyle utters a quiet moan and we can see that he thoroughly enjoys another man working on his dick. Aleco increases the speed and then takes Doyle’s hardened phallus into his mouth. Doyle is in ecstasy and mumbles “Faster” and “Oh shit! Oh fuck!”.

I love when two soldiers go down on each other, it’s always so full of masculine energy and explosive!

Aleco falls on his knees like every good cocksucker and continues to suck and slobber on Doyle’s beautiful hard cock. Aleco swallows entire Doyle’s cock and stuffs his nose into Doyle’s bush.

Suddenly Doyle realizes he’s on the verge of cumming and tries to pull back from Aleco’s passionate mouth but it was too late. He shoots his load and hits Aleco’s lips with his army semen.


Short preview video:

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  • admin

    Thanks for such a hot story man. But let’s stick to the theme of this blog and comment the posts themselves ok?

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