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Brutal Tops – Cruel Masters Nick & Lucas Humiliate Martin in Public Toilet

by on Oct.18, 2012, under Brutal Tops

Scally lad Nick and his buddy Lucas are in a public toilet thinking about what to do today. These two lads are always horny and have to bust their nut many times a day. They run into a toilet pig, a sleazy bottom boy martin who is always in search of some cock or a suitable Master to humiliate him.

After having finished his cigarette, Nick uses martin’s mouth as an ash tray. He forces the lowly sub to swallow every little bit of the chewed up the cigarette butt. Martin didn’t thank his Master for this generous act, so he has to be punished accordingly. Nick hits martin on his head and gives him a good smack. Nick says all kinds of profanity and swears at the poor sub.

At the same time Lukas was about to finish his job at the toilet, but he notices that there’s no toilet paper around. Lukas gets mad and complains to his buddy Nick about the lack of toilet paper to wipe his ass. Nick has an idea, though, and forces martin to use his tongue to lick Lukas’ ass clean.

Both Masters piss on poor martin and force him to swallow their urine.


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  • obidient4u

    Nasty Tops-Manhandle This Submissive Fag..

    i want to find my poor self surrounded by nasty, pervy Tops and Their Buds..

    Tops that are certainly up to no good, and manhandle this 60 y.o. white fag..Filling my bowel with their piss to deliver an enema..Then forcing me to swallow Their Piss directly from Their Cocks..

    Then force me to clean Their Sweaty Asses and Balls, then drink some more Urine and finally choke me with Your Cocks..

    Then attach those very painful clamps to my nips and give me an order to rim Your Sweaty Asses again while You Jack Off..Removing the clamps and ordering this old fag to lick up Your Cum..

    Or something like that..

    If within 40 miles of Waynesboro VA..

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