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Aggressive Straight Top Lucas Weston Creampies His First Dude Brandon Beal

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This pairing was extremely hot, funny and kinda odd all at the same time! We have two truly straight boys, Lucas Weston and Brandon Beal. Brandon fucked many a boy’s ass so far, but this time round it’s his turn to offer his ass for some hard drilling.

His partner who is supposed to fuck him is Lucas Weston, a very hot tempered and hot bodied straight boy. He was frank about his distaste for guy’s ass and the idea of having to fuck an anal opening. He told to the cameraman:

“I really hate the idea of fucking a guy’s asshole. I don’t like it.”

“You’ll manage. You’ll manage,” his partner Brandon tries to encourage him, with a certain sense of sympathy for the fellow straight buddy.

Lucas is adamant about not liking to fuck a man’s ass, though. He insists it’s a gay thing:

“I feel like I’m gay or something doing that”

Then Lucas explains what he intends to do with the money. His nasty father didn’t like the idea of his son playing in gay porn flicks and told him many unpleasant things. “He called me a faggot and hoped I died of AIDS ridden faggot.” Damn! Where’s fatherly love – gone with the wind?

“A loving father,” Brandon commented.

Anyway, Lucas will be able to pay his own bills and rent a house with this money from making porn movies, so his father won’t be able to torture him anymore.

I uttered a sigh of relief when the boys finally started to jump onto each other. They quickly got rid of the boxers and Lucas starts to suck Brandon’s cock. Considering the fact that he hates doing anything with dudes, this was an outstanding performance. A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do!

Brandon encourages his lover to slobber all over it, and give it a got spit. Lucas obeys and even tries to deepthroat Brandon’s dick, gagging in the process. However his dick remained hard as rock during this whole cocksucking ordeal, which is something that even professional gay cocksuckers can’t always manage to achieve. Ah youth, and youthful strong erections!

Lucas starts to complain about his mouth being all sore from Brandon’s dick being pushed in all of its corners, and Brandon takes pity on him and wants to return the favor. He is more experienced than Lucas in cocksucking and shows him the way how to deepthroat a big cock without gagging (without bitching about it!).

Lucas is now less forgiving and begins to groan and moan. “Fucking take it!” he yells.

Brandon spat a large volume of his spit onto Lucas’ huge fuck stick and continues to suck Lucas’ cock like a pro. When I asked Lucas how it feels to have a dude suck his cock, he says:

“It’s intense. It’s really fucking intense.” (his toes are curling)

“I wouldn’t call it good. It’s a little bit too strong.” – Utter rubbish, we all know he liked it, just doesn’t want to admit it. Hetero-macho horseshit feigning of not feeling intense pleasure just to avoid being labeled “gay” by someone.

And now it’s time for the moment of truth. How will Brandon receive this big straight cock? And more importantly, how will Lucas fuck his first guy?

My worries disappeared the same moment when Lucas ordered Brandon to get on all fours and Lucas penetrates him totally raw (bareback) and shoves his entire cock, balls deep. Brandon takes it like a man and puts his face in the bed sheets. As Lucas thrusts violently, Brandon’s cheeks vibrate from the thrusts. Priceless.

Brandon is now hornier than ever and wants to be fucked really hard. He tells Lucas “Fuck my asshole!”

Lucas spanks his ass and fucks him even harder. Brandon is gasping for air and moaning like a girl that is getting plowed for the first time. Lucas is obviously a very aggressive top and Brandon is taking it all.

Now Brandon lies on his back and puts his muscled legs in the air. Lucas fucks him in that position, and then increases the pace. At the same time Brandon is wanking his cock like a madman and squirts his jizz all over his belly. Lucas continues to fuck him some more, and seeds his ass, making a great creampie. Then Lucas says “Get your fucking ass out of my face!”

The pictures don’t do this fuck scene justice – please at least watch the preview video, to get a feel of the action.


Preview video:

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