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Three Masculine Thugs Fuck & Breed Young Pussy Boy

by on Jul.24, 2013, under EricVideos

It was late in the afternoon. Greg was going back home when he suddenly came across three thugs who were loitering in the doorway.

Greg tried to escape, and actually managed to enter his apartment, but the three thugs (Darko was among them) followed him and finally entered his home because they found a way to unlock the door through the mailbox.

Young boy Greg was punished severely for trying to escape, and the punishment consisted of face fucking with three hard thug cocks, which was followed by an even dirtier and more aggressive ass fucking.

The three unforgiving thugs made Greg their very own pussy boy and fucked him relentlessly until they all unloaded their heavy balls deep inside his ass. Greg’s ass looked like a big white creampie, with the thugs’ cum still oozing out of the ravaged, stretched asshole.

Poor Greg had his ass filled with three big loads. The thugs left just as they arrived, unceremoniously and with completely brash attitude.


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In Praise of Hot Guys in Alpha Jackets & Military Uniforms

by on Aug.12, 2012, under Uncategorized

If a man wants to look good, manly, tough, sexy and respectable, what kind of clothes should he chose? Suit and tie? Or some fancy latest fashionable stuff from famous designers? Cowboy boots and jeans?

The answer is: No, no, and no.

If you want to look tough, masculine and rugged on one hand, but also irresistibly sexy, you should buy a bomber jacket (alpha industries makes the best), some cargo trousers and/or military uniform. If you really want you can use jeans instead of cargo pants or real military uniform, but I’d go for the latter.

Combat boots are recommended, but not essential for beginners.

Cut your hair short, then grow a beard, goatee or at least a stubble.

Straighten your spine and watch for your posture while walking in public.

Then watch results. 

Let’s see some nice examples of this uber-manly dress code. It is the classic masculine clothing style and will never go out of fashion. You can take my word.



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