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Hot Manly Straight Guy Curtis Gets His First Blowjob From A Dude

by on May.20, 2018, under SpunkWorthy

It wasn’t easy to convince Curtis to get his first blowjob from a guy. However, a big pile of cash usually works wonders with these tough straight guys, and that finally convinced him to agree to get his dick sucked off by a dude.

Caleb works as a model on a different site and he said several times that he’d be happy to do the honours if there appeared a straight guy who needed to be serviced. So the natural thing to do was to put these two guys together and press the record button on the camera.

There is no denying that Curtis was nervous as hell, his face almost totally stoned and expressionless in the beginning. However, when Caleb started to work his magic on Curtis’s dick his face expressions changed to one of enthusiastic excitement!

At one point Curtis stands up, grabs the back of Caleb’s head and gently fucks his face. Observing his facial expressions, it was clear that Curtis was getting close to the point of no return much faster than he had expected. Caleb devoted due attention to Curtis’ balls as well, and also focused on his cockhead, which must have made Curtis really excited.

As he was approaching the climax, Curtis’ breathing got heavier and deeper and his body tensed up. His face and chest became bright red. Caleb serviced him almost to the very last moment, and backed off just went Curtis couldn’t hold it back anymore and then he shot his load all over his stomach and down the side of Caleb’s hand.

Preview video:

Click here to watch and download his entire video in HD quality at SpunkWorthy!

SpunkWorthy is a great porn site that features younger straight amateur dudes. Lots of truly straight military guys doing gay for pay only once or a few times! This site is usually the first and only place where you’ll see these bad boys, so don’t miss out!


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Tall, Tattooed & Muscular Hunk Troy Fucks Short Ripped & Extra-Hung Dude Caleb

by on Apr.10, 2017, under HardBritLads

These two hot guys prefer their fuck sessions to be on the wild and intense side. Troy is about 6’2” (188 cm) tall and he’s an all-around good looking guy with nicely muscled body and nice uncut cock. Caleb is a short guy and his body is built like a tank, just perfect. He’s also a proud owner of a huge uncut dick!

So we find these two guys in their sports shorts while they’re kissing and groping each others’ crotches. Troy takes charge and pushes Caleb down to remove his shorts. Caleb starts sucking Troy’s cock, and doesn’t forget his balls either. Troy likes to fuck the bottom’s mouth and he does that with Caleb with gusto. Troy has been eyeing that huge dick of Caleb’s for some time and he just can’t wait to swallow that big monster as much as he can. So he takes on the job: spits on it, jacks it off and then starts sucking it like it’s supposed to be sucked, including swallowing it deep.

Next, Troy stands up and, after some more kissing and sucking, Troy gets on top of Caleb and starts face-fucking him in a kind of press-ups position, with his legs on either side of Caleb. This way Troy’s cock goes even deeper into Caleb’s mouth and throat. Caleb loves taking that dick as much as he can, but it becomes a bit challenging even for him. Then, Troy positions Caleb on his hands and knees so as to expose his arse for the upcoming penetration.

He gives Caleb a nice round of passionate ass-eating. The rimming session is sexy and hot indeed, because Caleb’s ass is first class! Caleb then leans against the sofa and Troy penetrates him from behind. Caleb lets out a moan and Troy continues to fuck him slowly at first, then at a faster pace. After some time Troy fucks him really fast and hard, really pounding away that ass. Then, Caleb goes into the doggy position and Troy shoves hid cock deep inside the ass again, this time it goes in without any resistance. The guys got really passionate at this point, getting all sweaty and immersed totally into the moment. Eventually, Caleb lies on his back, with his legs stretched apart and his cock fully erect and pulsating. Troy inserts his cock again and fucks him once more.

The fucking is intense, and finally Caleb can’t take it anymore and within seconds he shoots his load all over his sweaty six-pack abs. Troy follows suit, pulls out, takes off the condom and strokes his dick until he shoots an impressive, copious load.

Preview video:

Click here to watch his entire video in perfect HD quality at Hard Brit Lads!

Hard Brit Lads is a relatively new porn site that features only the most masculine and well-built straight and bisexual guys showing off and fucking the shit out of each other. The videos are well-made and shot in HD. Don’t miss out lots of amazing, manly men!


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Fratboy Gauge Gets Punished In A Big Orgy For Wearing A Toga

by on Jul.21, 2016, under FraternityX

Fratboy writes:

“This new dude on the campus thought it would be cool to walk around in a toga like a fucking Roman. Big mistake. We in this fraternity think togas are for douchebags only. So obviously we had to punish him. Even some new pledges took part in teaching this douchebag a lesson and we all fucked his sorry ass so hard it’s not even funny.”

Ben’s commentary:

Well, nothing more to say about these bad boys, except that it’s always great fun to watch their antics. Let’s see who participated in this one: Rod who is 21, dick – 8 inches cut, preferred role – top, sexual orientation – bisexual; Gauge who is 23, dick – 7,5 inches cut, preferred role – versatile, sexual orientation – straight; Russel who is 22, preferred role – top, dick – 7,5 inches cut, sexual orientation – straight; Damien who is 26, dick – 8 inches cut, preferred role – top, sexual orientation – bisexual; Caleb who is 19, sexual orientaion – gay, dick – 7 inches, preferred role – versatile; and Seth who is 29, dick – 7 inches cut, sexual orientation – bisexual, preferred role – top.


Preview video:

Click here to watch their entire videos in HD quality at FraternityX.

FraternityX is an amazing porn site that features a group of young, bisexual college boys who are sexually insatiable, always horny and ready to fuck a hole. They record their orgies a nd put them up on their website (FraternityX) and charge a small membership fee so that you can help put them through college!

You can enjoy lots of 3-somes and wild orgies on this site, and the boys are truly handsome and hot. The trademark feature of this site is bareback sex and plenty of messy creampies and internal cumshots.

As always, make sure you realize this is a fantasy site, the guys are tested and always use condoms in real life!



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Sexy Muscled Sailor Caleb Shows Off His Hot Body & Strokes His Cock

by on Apr.19, 2015, under TheGuySite

Here we have a very fine specimen of a sailor with a suave face and rugged manly body. Caleb loves to tease us, especially in his soft-spoken fashion. You can tell that there’s going to be some military tattoos even before he takes off his shirt. We gave him some hot straight porno to serve as an inspiration, and then he remembered he needed to call his girlfriend (which he did) to see if everything is OK.

Soon enough, our proud sailor returns in front of the camera and continues showing off. Some jumping jacks are in order, so that we can see his soft cock and balls bouncing in the rhythm of his jumping. Then he walks around the room with his cocky attitude, and sits down to take care of his cock. A hot jerkoff session is in order, after which we can spend some more time with Caleb in the shower where he continues to crack jokes and keep us entertained. This hot motherfucker surely knows how to put on a show. The only thing I missed was Caleb’s navy uniform… here’s a hoping for the next time!

The Guy Site - Hello Sailor06
The Guy Site - Hello Sailor02
The Guy Site - Hello Sailor09
The Guy Site - Hello Sailor10
The Guy Site - Hello Sailor28
The Guy Site - Hello Sailor22
The Guy Site - Hello Sailor14
The Guy Site - Hello Sailor34
The Guy Site - Hello Sailor37
The Guy Site - Hello Sailor42
The Guy Site - Hello Sailor46
The Guy Site - Hello Sailor53
The Guy Site - Hello Sailor56
The Guy Site - Hello Sailor58
The Guy Site - Hello Sailor60
The Guy Site - Hello Sailor64
The Guy Site - Hello Sailor70
The Guy Site - Hello Sailor76
The Guy Site - Hello Sailor82
The Guy Site - Hello Sailor84
The Guy Site - Hello Sailor98
The Guy Site - Hello Sailor102
The Guy Site - Hello Sailor106

Preview video:

Click here to watch his entire video in HD quality at The Guy Site!

The Guy Site is a great destination for all lovers of amateur, “next-door” type of guys. These guys are not "pretty-perfect", they look more like your next door neighbor, but just because of that they are more authentic and hence more realistic!

When you go and walk around your neighborhood you’re more likely to  meet one of these hot “next-door” dudes than some perfect bodybuilder. That’s not to say that there are no bodybuilders on The Guy Site, but even they are amateur types. That’s why I really like The Guy Site. Certainly worth checking out.


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Sexy Ripped Truck Driver Caleb Plows Toby’s Virgin Ass Hard & Deep

by on Apr.03, 2015, under BaitBuddies

Girls have always been crazy about Caleb, a hot muscular stud who works as a truck driver. And no wonder, because this ripped man oozes masculinity and big positive manly energy in all possible ways. Not only is he really strong with impressively huge muscles, he also has an impressive big dick to boot! It’s pretty think and measures no less than 8 solid inches of hard manmeat. Over the years he’s come across at least two girls who were totally down for a full sex with him at one of the stops, and he’s also fucked a "hot lizard" (that’s a trucker’s slang term for stop hooker). He told us that some whorehouses even have ads on a local radio and when called they send their vans to service the horny sex starved truckers.

Toby is our bait boy and he’s been salivating over Caleb for quite some time, actually since we showed him Caleb’s pics. Funny thing is, last time we had Toby he played a straight boy because that’s how he really felt at the time. Back then he was a simple straight country boy who had never tried anything with another guy… not even fooling around with another guy. So the casting director told him to go home and ask his girlfriend to experiment together with some dildos. She seemed to be surprised by that weird idea, but she loved it… so much so that she put a strap on and fucked Toby’s ass that way. After Toby recovered from the initial pain and shock, and his ass stopped "vibrating", he concluded that he actually liked it! These days it was their anniversary (Toby’s and his girlfriend’s) and since girls love expensive presents Toby figured he could make easy cash by shooting a porno for us again. Since he liked getting his ass plowed by his girlfriend’s dildo, he figured it can’t be much different when a guy sticks a real dick up his ass.. so he agreed to get fucked by Caleb. Toby was probably intrigued by Caleb’s massive dick as well.

When the casting director told the boys to get naked, Caleb quickly dropped his pants and his cock rose to the occasion quickly. It was just as big and impressive as on the pictures. Of course, as it usually happens, the girl doesn’t show up… so what are boys going to do now? The only way for them to earn money is to have sex together… but will Caleb agree? It looks as if he’s really against the idea, but the casting director is very persuasive… besides, Caleb’s main motto is "you should try everything twice" so let’s see how he fucks a guy’s ass.

Toby quickly gets hold of Caleb’s massive dick and doesn’t let it go till the end of this shoot. At first he just strokes it with his hand, then he swallows it like a pro. Hey, perhaps the art of cocksucking just comes naturally for us guys anyway, because we all know what a cock needs since we all have one. 

Caleb’s face expression at this moment is one of a kind – check it out. He looked angry, shocked and surprised all at the same time. However, his cock wasn’t either nervous or confused – it grew quickly and within seconds filled Toby’s entire mouth. Toby was encouraged by this "quick growth" and just kept on sucking on that cock as if his life depended on it.

But what we liked the most was probably the kissing session – the guys spontaneously started exchanging hot passionate kisses, and it really seemed as if they both liked what they were doing. In a way I’m sorry that the casting director told them to "get on with it" because if we left them at that we would perhaps now have a hot erotic movie.

Of course, Toby hasn’t forgotten Caleb’s gorgeous cock and he quickly gets back to servicing our big trucker. Toby certainly liked the idea that his straight cherry would be taken by this really muscular and manly truck driver. So he didn’t protest too much when Caleb started to penetrate his tight little ass. Inch by inch, Caleb’s entire manmeat slowly went inside Toby’s virgin asshole while Toby was bent over in the doggy position. Caleb was obviously rather gentle with Toby at first… perhaps since he had never fucked a boy’s ass he figured he’d better be careful? Anyway, after some time Caleb gets into his regular fuck mode and plows away that ass much faster.

After some time Caleb is close to cumming and we can hear him saying "I’m gonna cum!". He pulls out and squirts a large load of jizz all over Toby’s erect dick and balls. Toby follows suit and shoots his load all over his chest and stomach. There’s also "After the shoot" part which is sort of an outtake which we really liked and there you can listen what the guys thought about the whole thing in the end!


Preview video:

Click here to watch their complete video in HD quality at Bait Buddies!

Bait Buddies is a pretty hot straight guy site with plenty of updates and some very hot guys indeed. There is always a “bait” dude who is bi or gay, and a straight (or sometimes “straight”) dude who needs to be seduced into gay sex.


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Straight Fraternity – Caleb’s Very First Gay Blowjob

by on Mar.30, 2011, under Straight Fraternity

Today I’ve got two very hot guys to show ya – Nicco and Caleb. Nicco is bisexual while Caleb is quite straight, but he said he’d try going gay for this particular shoot as much as he can (damn, that must be a tough decision for str8 guys! :>)

They begin by undressing each other. Caleb was pretty nervous, however his cock didn’t have any problems getting hard in no time. After some hot french kissing and first attempts at blowjob. Caleb then wants to reciprocate and gives Nicco a nice handjob. That was the very first time when Caleb touched another guy’s cock.

Next Caleb licks Nicco’s nutsack while he’s jerking himself. Caleb then proceeds to give his first blowjob, and he sucks a man’s cock admirably. Nicco also agreed it was a pretty great blowjob too.

Caleb was the first to shoot a nice load of cum, which was followed by Nicco and afterwatds Caleb even tasted some of Nicco’s cum.


Short preview video:

Click here to watch their entire video in HD quality at Straight Fraternity!

Straight Fraternity is a great site that features hot and horny amateur straight guys. Most of the guys here are funny, cool, and entertaining… and of course hot as hell… I’m sure you’ll enjoy watching their antics! The site authors really love to show cumshots and if you’re a cum lover, you will like this site.


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Straight Fraternity Caleb – Blowing A Handsome Young Bodybuilder

by on Feb.21, 2011, under Straight Fraternity

Caleb from Straight Fraternity is super hot and built like a brick shit house – First we get to hear him talking a little about his sexual life and what turns him off etc. He admitted he was once in a 3-way with another guy and a girl and that it was great. I took this to mean he wouldn’t mind a man’s hand on his crotch and even man’s mouth around his cock… and I was right. This man’s dick goes right into the straight position as soon as it is properly treated by man’s wet mouth.

We shouldn’t forget that Caleb is a bodybuilder. And he’s made a body to die for. I mean, just look at those pecs and big, massive arms and biceps. Jesus Christ, he could just cover me completely from the sunlight with his muscles.

I jerked him off a little, then gave him his very first gay blowjob. He got to cum rather quickly and he shot his wad all over his chest. It was a nice and copious squirt, too!


Short preview video:

Click here to watch his entire video at Straight Fraternity!

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