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Hung Hairy Stud Ty Roderick Makes Love To Hot Mature Man Dirk Gaber

by on Aug.25, 2015, under Icon Male

Dirk Caber meets handsome straight dude Ty Roderick in his small apartment. Ty’s home looks very nice, warm and pleasant as if it’s imbued with some kind of cozy, friendly atmosphere, although one can sense that Dirk is a little nervous as well. This is Dirk’s first time to meet with a much younger man. Dirk tries to reassure Ty that his intentions are honest. Dirk has been lusting over Ty ever since he found him on a social hookup network and is eager to make love to him. Dirk is also a little concerned about his wife, whether she might find out about this little secret rendezvous between the two men, but he hopes everything will work out according to plan.

Ty is very laid back and calm, and slowly Dirk makes himself comfortable at Ty’s place and adopts Ty’s cool attitude. Ty reminds Dirk that as long as his needs are taken care of, Dirk has nothing to worry about. Dirk approaches Ty and starts rubbing his knee. Dirk still feels a little awkward, but Ty reassures him that everything will be fine and moves Dirk’s hand onto his crotch. There’s a lot going on in Ty’s pants, his gorgeous big curved dick is growing fast and making a huge tent. Ty pulls Dirk closer to himself by pulling his necktie and starts kissing Dirk. Dirk finally lets go of his emotional worries and begins to think that things might actually work out with this young man. Dirk has been dreaming about getting intimate with a younger masculine dude for quite a while and Ty is like a dream cum true.

Dirk gets horny like a bull while checking out and touching Ty’s hard, muscular body. Ty unbuttons his shirt to reveal a gorgeous hairy chest. Ty takes off Dirk’s shirt as well and starts playing with Dirk’s nipples, which was a really pleasant surprise for Dirk. Ty releases his cock from his pants and you can tell that Dirk is literally stunned by its beauty. It seems as if Ty has been reading Dirk’s mind and knows all the little secret things that rock his boat. Finally, Ty finds his way to Dirk’s asshole and penetrates it with his great cock. He fucks Dirk slowly, but gradually increases the pace. Ty keeps kissing the mature man’s face and lips while plowing his ass deeper and deeper. Dirk is already near the verge of the point of no return and Ty knows it. Ty starts pounding Dirk faster and very aggressively. That was more than enough to cause Dirk to shoot his load, hands free, while being plowed by Ty’s relentless cock. Dirk’s great cumshot splatters all over Dirk’s chest. Ty soon follows suit, pulls out and shoots his wad all over Dirk’s cumshot. What a great cummy mess! 


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Phenix Saint & Dirk Gaber Plow Johnny Rapid’s Eager Ass

by on Oct.23, 2014, under Drill My Hole

Dirk Gaber is a real horndog by nature. It’s apparently not enough that he fucks his wife, he also regularly fucks her several stepsons and even her stepson’s buddies. Who would have thought there are so many handsome stepsons and their friends? Anyway, as soon as I noticed Phenix Saint and Johnny Rapid I knew I had to feature this on my blog. Phenix now looks better than ever and always delivers the goods in all the fuck scenes, I just love him. The other two guys are very hot as well, and it seemed there was a genuine chemistry among them.

While Phenix and Dirk are in the preparatory stages of something that looks like it would be a great fuck action, Johnny Rapid enters the room and catches them in the middle of it. Well, Johnny realizes there’s a silver lining in this new situation and it’s not that man can enjoy two hard cocks every day… so Johnny rises to the occasion and first sucks both cocks, pretty greedily, and then the guys take turns and fuck his ass. Both guys came onto Johnny’s chest and made quite a nice mess. Hot hardcore scene which will probably appeal to the fans of the cast.


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Fit College Lad Darius Gets Fucked By Two Very Hung Mature Men

by on Sep.01, 2013, under Men At Play

Darius is a young college lad who suddenly finds himself in an awkward position. He is summoned to the Principles Office. Namely, his superiors think that he has been spying his professor Tomas Brand while he was taking a shower. It turns out that these allegations were true, because Darius has been taking photos of his naked professor and let those photos circulate all throughout the campus.

Principal Dirk Caber Dirk Caber thinks that the boy needs to be taught a lesson so he encourages Darius to kiss and cuddle with professor Tomas. One thing leads to another and soon enough Darius is sucking and slobbering all over Tomas’ monster cock!

It seems Darius finally got what he so eagerly wanted, but as we’ll see, he would be getting more from the two mature men than he had bargained for. Darius is now made to take off all his clothes and remain fully naked in front of his professors. Principal Dirk Caber makes several photos of Darius while he’s sucking on professor’s cock, so he can further humiliate him by showing those pics to Darius’ friends. Both men are now all over Darius; one is fucking him while the other is stuffing his cock in Darius’ throat. This spitroasting takes a while and the boy is thoroughly fucked by two mature, hung studs.

Meanwhile, Darius is secretly smiling cheekily because this is exatly what he wanted to achieve, to get fucked by these two mature men after whom he’s been lusting for months.

BoyBad_aff02 BoyBad_aff03

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