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Hung, Strong & Masculine Bodybuilder Lorrenzo Ravages Cameron’s Hot Ass

by on Mar.08, 2013, under BaitBuddies

Lorrenzo Long is a straight mature bodybuilder who responded to our newspaper advetisement in which we said we need strong, masculine straight men to perform in porn movies.

Lorrenzo is of Italian descent and he is perhaps a bit older than the other guys we usually invite for BaitBuddies auditions, but he is so handsome, manly and irresistible that I just couldn’t ignore him. His body is firm, his muscles give him a definite adonis-like figure and his cock measures no less than 9 inches of solid, fat man meat. Furthermore, Lorrenzo is also an active MMA fighter and he can beat the hell out of just about any guy he comes across at, so I was a bit concerned what would happen if he really didn’t like our proposal for making gay porn.

As usual, we set the stage for filming the regular straight porn and I invited my favorite straight bait guy, Cameron Kincade, who is the very hotness incarnate. With his perfect chest and always rock hard cock he can rock my world any time he wants.

The things went well until Lorrenzo started to doubt that there would be any girls. When I split the beans and told him that there won’t be any female actors and that he could either leave the set or try having some gay experiments with his newly found buddy, Cameron, he was at first furious but… like most straight guys, once they are on the set and the other guy is hot and has an erection, it kinda feels stupid to just pack your things and leave. It’s a matter of pride, too, I guess. "If that other dude can do this, and he seems straight to me as well, why wouldn’t I do it as well?"

Also, things went much smoother when I doubled the fee that Lorrenzo would get after the shoot is over. Thank Heavens, because this MMA fighter, kickboxer and wrestler and holder of the multi-state championship titles in Brazilian jiu jitsu could have certainly beaten me like a little helpless child if he really hadn’t liked the proposal! 

The guys first took off their clothes, and I think you’ll agree that they both look absolutely stunning, even just when posing nude. Lorrenzo is of course much bigger and has bigger muscles, but Cameron is also totally yummy and looks quite masculine.

The guys first approach each other and begin to kiss. Cameron’s dick goes hard and stands firmly and stiffly like a rocket on a launch pad. I think this had some influence on Lorrenzo because his cock started to grow as soon as it got the "message from other dicks" that it was "OK" to get hard.

Cameron goes on his knees and begins to slurp and service Lorrenzo’s big snake. Lorrenzo was a bit terrified when he had to return the favor, and Cameron had to explain him a thing or two about the art of cocksucking, but soon enough Lorrenzo was doing this like a real cocksucker.

Next, Cameron lies on his back and lets Lorrenzo pound him mercilessly with his 9-inch monster cock. Cameron admitted that he was really in Heaven when this Italian stallion started to fuck him relentlessly. He said it was like a dream cum true, to be brutally ravaged by such a strong and big-dicked stud who doesn’t know how to stop when he starts to fuck. Lorrenzo is like a fucking machine when he fucks, women or (now) men, it doesn’t matter. He just gets into a rhythm and doesn’t let it until he makes the other person cum!

And that’s exactly what happened today. He fucked the cum out of Cameron. Cameron just couldn’t withstand being fucked so relentlessly and even though he didn’t jerk off his cock, the cum just started to shoot from his cock.

Lorrenzo later said that he had to slow down a bit when he realized that his relentless fucking could actually hurt the boy. Cameron’s eyes widened at hearing this new piece of info, because he thought that an even harder fucking might not be such a bad idea after all. If you have such a strong stud such as Lorrenzo at your disposal, why not use all his stamina and power? Damn, this was really a great fuck sequence, and I really must say I envy Cameron on this heavenly fuck.

Hopefully, we haven’t seen everything from Lorrenzo and we expect to see him in some even more daring scenes with Cameron and perhaps with other guys as well!


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