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Sexy & Handsome Studs Johnny Hazard & Marxel Rios Flip-Flop Fucking

by on Jun.30, 2015, under BaitBuddies

This is a continuation of the "All Star Buddies" series on Baitbuddies, i.e. the guys who already did videos for them and then disappeared for some time, here they meet again. One of the Caruso’s great finds is Marxel Rios. He shot his first scene for Baitbuddies in 2011, and back then he was a straight boy. After he sucked some cock and fucked a few dudes, his outlook about his sexuality changed quite a bit, or should we say – he broadened his horizons, and nowadays this once 100% straight dude proudly says that he’s open to any gender and skin color combination, and is pretty enthusiastic about experimenting in that area. Marxel has graduated in a culinary school and has been working as a chef who specializes in Asian and Thai food.

Johnny Hazard is a pretty well-known gay porn star and he’s participated in a great many porn films so far, but never in Baitbuddies. As luck would have it, one day Johnny was having a dinner in the restaurant where Marxel works as a chef, and that’s when Johnny recognized Marxel’s friend as someone with whom he worked in some of his videos. Johnny had set eyes on Marxel for some time already, and was genuinely disappointed when he heard that Marxel didn’t want to do porn anymore. Nevertheless, Johnny sent a little note to Marxel though a helpful waiter and later the two guys sat for a pleasant talk.

It seems that Johnny was pretty convincing and talked Marxel into giving porn another try – Caruso got a phone call soon after and Marxel asked him if it would be possible for him to star in yet another Baitbuddies movie. The main director Caruso is of course always on the lookout for hot guys for his movies, so this was just what the doctor ordered! So Johnny and Marxel are invited to come to Ft Lauderdale and sent directly onto the main couch! The guys are given simple instructions that boil down to "Do what naturally comes to you. It’s only important that you make things HOT!". For two hot guys like Johnny and Marxel, that was pretty easy to achieve.

By the way, Marxel is of mixed Puerto Rican and Italian descent, pretty tall (6′), with strong legs, hot firm butt and a gorgeous 7,5” cock to match. Johnny also has Italian blood flowing through his veins, and he is also very well-endowed in the cock department. Needless to say, after all these years of practice in making porn films, Johnny is defo a pro who knows how to use his cock and ass. So the guys essentially flip-flop. Marxel was surprised how great Johnny’s cock felt in his ass. There was quite a bit of chemistry between these two, and you can feel it. Marxel still plays the straight dude who likes to fuck gay guys, and Johnny had no objections.


Preview video:

Click here to watch their complete video in HD quality at Bait Buddies!

Bait Buddies is a pretty hot straight guy site with plenty of updates and some very hot guys indeed. There is always a “bait” dude who is bi or gay, and a straight (or sometimes “straight”) dude who needs to be seduced into gay sex.


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Bait Buddies – Long Haired Muscled Stud Jake Taylor Fucks Marxel

by on Jun.12, 2012, under BaitBuddies

Last time we had Marxel Rios he expected to get some pussy but instead got some dick. Well, he was furious and told us that he wouldn’t work with us anymore. Caruso called him to see if he would do a second video, and frankly he expected that Marxel would hung up, but instead he was all for it. So you see, you gotta be a little patient with these feisty straight guys, eventually most of them turn around and are happy to do more gay stuff on the camera – providing the money is right.

But with Marxel I think it was something more than just the wish to get more money. I think that this bad Latin boy is discovering his own bisexuality. He told me that he gets horny when thinking about another dude with big muscles and manly face – something like Jake Taylor. That gives him a hard-on immediately.

Jake Taylor has had almost the same experience with guys. At first he thought that he would be banging girls but instead we sent several cocks his way. After the initial shock he kinda got used to working with guys and now I think he looks forward to experimenting with cock.

Caruso thought it would be a perfect match to pair Marxel Rios and Jake Taylor in Jake’s dorm room. Jake has become bigger and more muscular than ever and I was really looking forward to seeing this guy drill some man ass. Jake Taylor now looks like a studly rock star, with that long blond hair and three day beard he is just irresistible. Perhaps he reminds me somewhat of Tina Turner’s supersexy sax player Tim Capello.

So we left these two studs to suck each other off and then fuck till they pass out. I think the pictures and videos tell it all.


Preview video:

Click here to watch their complete video in HD quality at Bait Buddies!

Bait Buddies is a pretty hot straight guy site with plenty of updates and some very hot guys indeed. There is always a “bait” dude who is bi or gay, and a “straight” dude who needs to be seduced into gay sex. Clearly this is usually staged, but it’s pretty hot neverth


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