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Mature Hairy President Wilcox Fucks His Young Assistant Elder Miller Hard & Raw

by on Mar.28, 2015, under MormonBoyz

Elder Miller belongs to the group of younger missionaries, and his term in the service lasts 24 months. However, men who aspire to become mission Presidents must serve no less than 36 months. So when Elder Miller started with his mission, he had about twelve months to go before going home. Elder Miller was a little jealous of President Carson because he would go home before him.

It was a tough time for Elder Miller when he learned that his Mission President, Mr. Carson would no longer be with him. Mr. Carson was like a mentor to him and he meant a lot for the young missionary. Fortnutately, Miller soon met President Wilcox, a rather big and hairy man who emanated stability and masculinity with his every move. Mr. Wilcox made it abundantly clear to Elder Miller in their first interview that he was very well acquainted with the fact that President Carson maintained very special relationship with his younger assistants.

President Wilcox told Miller that he was happy for President Carson and thought that the man was correct in putting great faith in his younger assistants. At that moment, President Wilcox leaned towards Elder Miller and put his hand near Miller’s big muscular thigh. "Can I count on a strong relationship with you as my assistant while I’m getting a handle on my new calling?"

Elder Miller couldn’t be happier that President Wilcox trusted him so much and wanted to become so close to him. Of course, Elder Miller’s answer was a resounding "yes!" and the two men got along just fine from then on. Of course, the men had to go through some kind of ritual that would seal the trust they had for each other.

President Wilcox has a special way of treating his younger assistants – he often gets them totally naked and fucks them so hard that they can remember him for a long time to come. Wilcox got hard just from looking at Elder Miller’s hard body and his cock sprang to life in his underwear without even being touched. Then he fucked Elder Miller like a wild horny bunny in the woods!


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Hot Muscled Missionary Jock Elder Peterson Gets A Little Too Intimate With His Companion

by on Mar.08, 2015, under MormonBoyz

Elder Peterson looks just like a typical high school jock, only he’s actually a little older and is now in the Mormons. Despite his religious pursuits he never gave up on working out because he wants to maintain his impeccable muscled body. No wonder that his Mormon colleague and roommate Elder Butler can’t get his eyes off of him!

Things become especially awkward when they have nothing on themselves except those very transparent Mormon underwear where you can pretty much always see if a guy has a boner! As I said before, Elder Peterson has always been known as one of the most handsome and buffed-up boys in the school. All the girls wanted to date him, and some guys as well. Even now when he has devoted his life to religious and spiritual pursuits, his brethren frequently check him out, especially when he’s half naked. Although he doesn’t admit it openly, Elder Peterson loves being the center of attention.  Elder Butler, on the other hand, is a typical twink and has always dreamt about having hot sex with such a hot and muscular jock, but he could never imagine that he would get a roommate like that!

While he was in high school in Utah, Elder Butler often served as the main cocksucker for the guys whose girlfriends were too selfish to give their boyfriends a good blowjob. After having sucked dozens of cocks, Elder Butler was 100 percent sure that he could take Elder Peterson’s entire cock in his throat no matter what the size may be.

Curiously enough, although straight, Elder Peterson has sometimes fantasized about having sex with other guys, but not with the guys with his type of physique. Elder Peterson is actually attracted to twinks, just like Elder Butler. So when Elder Butler suggested he could blow his buddy’s cock, Elder Peterson wanted to play cool at first, so as not to reveal his attraction to Elder Butler. But Elder Butler couldn’t get his eyes off those beautiful bulging muscles that were outlined on Elder Peterson’s t-shirt while he was doing pushups… however, although both guys were playing dumb, their cocks revealed the hard truth quite quickly indeed!

Pretty soon Elder Butler can’t wait any longer and reaches for his companion’s cock and balls. He quickly swallows Elder Peterson’s entire dick and starts sucking it like a madman. Meanwhile Elder Peterson loves the feeling of warm man’s mouth around his hard cock so much that he often pushes Elder Butler’s head onto his cock quite forcefully…

Elder Butler has had this secret wish ever since he saw Elder Peterson for the first time – to worship his muscles from head to toes. But now he’s surprised at how Elder Peterson loves getting his asshole rimmed. It just could turn out that Elder Peterson might not be so strictly straight as he made it out to be…


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Hot Pervy Brother Clark Puts Elder Stewart & Angel Through Special Horny Ordeal

by on Jan.17, 2015, under MormonBoyz

While Bishop Angus is away on a mission to meet with several other prospective missionary inductees, his colleague Brother Clark is in charge of the Ministry and works in Bishop Angus’ office. Brother Clark is has an equally horny and dirty mind like Bishop, and he has already spotted several hot missionaries, which, in his opinion, require further inspection.

For instance, Elder Stewart is a young hot missionary who caught Brother Clark’s eye some time ago. Brother Clark enters his office and finds both Elder Stewart and Angel there. This sends chills down Elder Stewart’s spine as he suddenly remembered all the hot sex that they have had so far and got concerned whether the word got out about it among the brethren.

Brother Clark ends the unpleasant silence by asking Angel the most direct question one can imagine, "How many times did you have sex with Elder Stewart?" Angel takes some time to think about it, then spurts out, "More times than I can count on my two hands." Brother Clark’s face is still serious as he turns to Elder Stewart and asks him whether he’s aware of the real reason he’s been called to his office. Elder Stewart looks down and murmurs through his teeth, "Am I being sent home from my mission?"

Brother Clark likes this bashful boy’s directness and timidity, it makes him so damn horny that his dick starts getting hard in no time. Brother Clark wants to reassure the boy that everything is fine and tells him that he will get another opportunity to be ordained in the "true order of the higher priesthood". Now this was definitely confusing for Elder Stewart but he’s still satisfied that his parents won’t be chiding him for blowing his career in the Mormons. Elder Stewart is delighted that Brother Clark seems to have a lot of understanding for his horny activities and thoughts.

Next, brother Clark gives out the order "Begin by removing your clothes!" Elder Stewart just got reassured that everything would be fine when suddenly this weird order from Brother Clark reaches his ears in complete disbelief. Elder Stewart has been secretly in love (and lust) with Brother Clark because Clark is so amazingly handsome and masculine. Brother Clark’s hands are big and his voice deep and reassuring, so Elder Stewart has no other option but to fulfill Brother Clark’s wishes. Suddenly, all kinds of horny thoughts start rushing into Elder Stewart’s mind, such as: How big Brother Clark’s cock is? Is Brother Clark ever going to fuck his ass? Will he get a chance to swallow and worship Brother Clark’s cock? Questions, questions… Elder Stewart stands up and starts removing his missionary clothes. Brother Clark’s mind is now a whirlpool of wild, lustful thoughts that are running through his head. Brother Clark rises his hand and puts it onto Elder Stewart’s hot naked body. The boy looks much more mature than his age (18) and this fact makes Brother Clark mad with desire. He reaches with his hand for his hardened cock into his pants and whips out a sizeable man tool.

By now Elder Stewart is wearing only his underwear. For Brother Clark this sight of a young missionary in his prime is so stimulating that he finds it hard to control himself. Brother Clark’s cock is big, thick and stiff and it is pulsating like mad. Brother Clark reaches for the boy’s chest and six pack. He takes some consecrated oil and rubs it into the boy’s perfectly smooth skin. Soon enough Elder Stewart’s underwear is gone and we can see his gorgeous, semi-hard cock being released from the prison of the underwear. Brother Clark watches Elder Stewart with horny eyes and encourages him to stroke his man meat. Elder Stewart is eager to get an approval from Brother Clark and does everything he’s told to do. Now, Brother Clark grabs his own cock with one hand and Elder Stewart’s cock with the other and strokes them both. Elder Stewart is still somewhat shy and avoids direct eye-to-eye contact with horny Brother Clark. Elder Stewart has jerked off so many times in his life that he doesn’t find it hard to imagine that it is he who is stroking his cock, although he knows it’s actually Brother Clark’s hand. Elder Stewart looks now at Angel who has also whipped out his cock and is stroking it. Now all three men have their cocks out and are slowly stroking them.

Elder Stewart focuses on Angel’s cock and the wild thoughts of it fucking his ass run through his head at immense speed. He received Angel’s cock so many times but now he can watch being slowly stroked and played with. Meanwhile Brother Clark is satisfied with the boys and he continues to stroke his own cock slowly but resolutely. Brother Clark knows that Elder Stewart is near the point of no return and that soon enough he would be shooting his load. The boy’s cockiness and unabashed sexuality are a definite turn on for Brother Clark. The boy’s cock is huge and his balls are no less impressive. Suddenly an ingenious idea appears in Brother Clark’s mind – Elder Stewart would be the perfect candidate for the secret order of the priesthood. Namely, the members of this secret order have existed since the inception of the church and are considered to be its finest members.

Elder Stewart sits on the chair, still ogling at the other two men’s hard cocks. He imagines how amazing it would be if both Brother Clark and Angel decided to fuck his tight ass. Both men are really hung and he loves the feeling of a huge cock drilling his insides. Of course, the best way would be to have them both take turns while fucking his ass. Elder Stewart’s balls twitch and jump just from Stewart’s thinking about these things. The torrent of jizz inside his balls is now boiling and it’s only a matter of seconds when it will be released. He rises and goes near the desk in the center of the office. His balls retract into the scrotum and within seconds he starts shooting his load all over the desk. Several warm squirts of jizz are shot and splatter all over that desk. Angel is close to cumming as well, and pretty soon he starts shooting his load too. The thought of shoving that dick into Elder Stewart’s ass, just like he had done so many times, was enough to push him over the edge.

Brother Clark doesn’t want to let the boys watch him cumming. Not yet, at least. He wants to keep that for a more important occasion. He takes some of Elder Stewart’s jizz on his fingers and anoints Elder Stewart’s forehead with it. Next, he takes some of Angel’s cum and anoints Elder Stewart’s nose and lips.


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Brother Jensen Services His Teacher’s Huge Throbbing Cock

by on Dec.01, 2014, under MormonBoyz

Elder Roberts certainly doesn’t miss responsibilities. He has so many duties to perform in his little congregation. First of all, he must do all the missionary work, then he’s a branch president of his congregation and he’s taken up on himself many other responsibilities as well.

Last Sunday he gave lecture about Gospel Principles to his class, but his audience consisted of only one man – sexy and handsome Brother Jansen. Brother Jansen is relatively new, he was baptized only a few months ago and is still new to all this. Elder Robers had no time to prepare for the lesson and Brother Jansen can see that his colleague is not relaxed and all tense.

Elder Roberts starts with the lesson and Brother Jensen suddenly remembers the time when the other missionaries used to come to his place to have dinner. Now, Elder Roberts immediately remembers his many fantasies about going to Brother Jensen’s place to show him a thing or two about brotherly love among the missionaries. He utters as if out of the blue, "The best part of having the missionaries over is desert," and makes a cheeky smile.

"Oh yeah?" Elder Roberts suddenly realizes that things are getting hot and out of control. His cock begins to grow spontaneously in his pants while Brother Jensen still smiles cheekily. "What kind of desert?" asks Elder Roberts. Brother Jensen replies that he’s willing to show him, and that he should just take it easy.

Elder Roberts kicks back and lets Brother Jensen take care of his raging hardon. As soon as Brother Jensen grabs Elder Robert’s cock through his pants, he realizes that Elder Roberts is a very hung young man and that he’ll have to use all his skills to properly take care of that huge man meat. Brother Jensen removes his t-shirt and then the pants disappear as well. His teacher is now almost nude, his cock throbbing in his pants. Brother Jensen can hardly wait to wrap his lips around that juicy cock. Brother Jensen also massages his colleague’s firm chest and plays with his nipples. Finally, he whips out Elder Roberts’ cock and we can see that there’s already quite a bit of clear precum oozing out of his cockhead.

Brother Jensen finally releases Elder Robert’s cock from the confines of his underwear and it slaps onto his stomach with a loud thump. Brother Jensen is already fully hard, and his dick begs to be released as well, but he decides to remain fully clothed while servicing his colleague. Brother Jensen proceeds to suck and lick the missionary dick and Elder Robert’s balls start moving, signaling that there’s a lot of accumulated jizz in them that aches to be released.

There is something thoroughly intoxicating in the feeling of Brother Jensen’s warm mouth around his stiff shaft. Elder Roberts can feel the jizz boiling in his balls and he’s quickly approaching the point of no return. He grabs Brother Jensen’s head and directs it onto his cock, explaining him how a man’s cock should be sucked properly. Brother Jensen tries to deepthroat that huge dick and succeeds to some extent.

It’s now crystal clear that Elder Roberts is close to busting his nut, so Brother Jensen backs off a little and continues to rub Elder Roberts’ cock with his hand. Occasionally he swallows it again expecting the torrent of jizz any second now. Elder Roberts then pushes his head back and after a few seconds he starts shooting his jizz straight into Brother Jensen’s wide open mouth! Brother Jensen gladly receives this load and swallows it to the last drop.


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Beefy Bearded Bishop Angus Gets Fucked & Seeded For The First Time

by on Nov.19, 2014, under MormonBoyz

Elder Buckley has been called to report in the bishop’s office. Elder Buckley still remembers his first close encounter with this bearded mature missionary man. It was pretty intense and he can still feel the bishop’s cock deep in his ass whenever the memories come rushing back. It’s a fact of life, mature men are much more clear about what they’re after. They tend to be upfront about their desires and the bishop wasn’t an exception. He made sure that Elder Buckley wouldn’t tell any details about their sexual experiments to the other missionaries. Apart from bishop’s large cock, Elder Buckley still remembers fondly the bishop’s hairy muscular chest and big strong arms.

During that first sexual encounter with Elder Buckley, bishop didn’t fail to notice that Elder Buckley is a very fine specimen of a country boy – strong, manly, muscular and the bishop figured that the boy definitely knows how to fuck well. The bishop had deflowered so many missionary’s assholes and fucked them frequently afterwards, but he himself had never been penetrated by a man… and the bishop wondered how it might be like… one day he realized that Elder Buckley would be the perfect man to take his virginity and finally feel a strong man’s raging cock inside his missionary virgin ass. Last but not lest, Elder Buckley has a very nice big dick which looks totally awesome, although Bishop Angus was not sure if his ass would be able to receive it at first. Namely, bishop thought his ass would be so tight as nobody had fucked it previously.

And now the two men are standing face to face and looking at each other again – but this time it will be bishop Angus’ ass that will get plowed. Elder Buckley gets hard in no time, as Bishop Angus’ massive beefy body has a very arousing effect on his cock. Elder Buckley knows that the bishop wants him to fuck his ass. He starts starts pushing his tongue into the bishop’s ass, which feels quite weird to bishop as he hadn’t been used to having anything in his ass, but the feeling is nice and his hole opens up even more.

The young stud aims his erect cock at the bishop’s ass and rubs the cockhead against the bishop’s ever more relaxed hole. Elder Buckley shoves it in suddenly, and the bishop feels a sudden pain which he knows he must endure for a short while. The bishop resolves to let the boy do whatever he wants with his ass, and relaxes even more. Elder Buckley now fucks the bishop quite hard, because for this young stud it feels the best when he pounds the hole as hard as he can. Bishop is now experiencing powerful thrusts of a big cock in his ass, and Elder Buckley pounds him away with wild abandon. Soon enough both men are totally sweaty, from so much hard fucking.

With every Elder Buckley’s thrust the bishop can feel that he’s inexorably approaching the point of no return. And considering Elder Buckley’s wild grunting he is close to cumming as well. In the last moment Elder Buckley pulls out and lets his cock spray the bishop’s ass with several big squirts of warm jizz… then he quickly pushes it back into the bishop’s ass to breed him properly.

At long last, the bishop now knows how it feels to get fucked by a strong man. And no wonder there’s a big smile on the bishop’s face… I am pretty sure he would like to repeat this very soon.


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Elder Roberts Wakes Up With Raging Boner & Has To Do Something About It

by on Nov.05, 2014, under MormonBoyz

We’ve all experienced it – the glorious morning wood. Elder Roberts just woke up with a raging boner and is not sure what to do with it. He’s now officially on his mission and it doesn’t sound right that he should jerk off. Before he joined the Mormons he would jack off like a madman, sometimes all day long. But things have changed now, and he’s not sure what to do. He figures it’s something that can’t possibly harm anyone… so why not? But there’s one more problem – he’s not entirely alone in the room. As all missionaries Elder Roberts sleeps with his brethren and they might catch him in action. But on the other hand, he hasn’t busted his nut in a very long time and he can feel his balls swelling and begging to release the hot load as soon as possible. Also, long abstention from masturbation has made him prone to spontaneous erections that tend to happen just when it’s the most awkward and undesirable time. So once for instance, he got hard while he was at zone conference and also once when he was at church – so embarrassing!

So he finally decides that something really has to be done with the raging boner and he touches his dick through the shorts. His cock is now so hard that it’s pulsating and he can feel it throbbing against the underwear. His missionary colleague is still sleeping soundly so it seems that he can do it without anyone noticing anything. He takes an iPad that was given to all the missionaries by the Church, and which is supposed to be used only for educational purposes. He has seen his missionary colleagues watching some completely different stuff on their iPads so he figures it’s not a big deal. He puts on some porn to watch as he whips it out and starts stroking it slowly. His cock is quite sizeable and looks pretty awesome. Elder Roberts thinks that his colleague is still soundly asleep, but that may not be the case…

Could he be secretly peeking at what he’s doing right now and just pretending to be asleep? But then this thought that his colleague might be actually watching him made him even more horny and he knew he had to continue. Namely, ever since he went to high school, his male friends told him while they were in the locker room that his dick ranks among the biggest and most impressive. So he knows that when he strokes his cock the whole sight looks pretty awesome, whether you’re a guy or a girl. So even if his colleague is watching him, he is proud of what he’s got. The porno on his computer is turning him on so quickly that he thinks he might nut too soon.

His colleague changes the sleeping position, and Elder Roberts quickly hides his erect cock into the sheets. He knows that masturbation is frowned upon in this church and that other missionaries won’t approve of it. But it turns out that his colleague is still soundly asleep and so he can continue. His dick didn’t even register this short break and still throbs like crazy. He’s sick and tired of this game of hiding and so he removes his underwear and fully releases the dick. He also plays with his nips, which he feels is maybe enough to push him over the edge…

We can see now that he’s got a really nice, fit body. His legs are muscular and he’s got some hairs on his chest and six pack. He quickly approaches the point where it’s very hard to resist the temptation to jizz, so he raises one of his legs in the air and aims to shoot at his chest. A weird thought appears in his head – what if he could squirt that big load that is about to be released straight into his missionary’s face? Within a few moments he can feel the torrent of jizz and pleasure being released and his cock starts spewing squirts of hot jizz all over his chest and abs.

The boy realizes he is in trouble now – totally covered with cum and without anything to remove it. As it usually happens in life, his colleague stirs in his bed just at that moment and Elder Roberts had to cover himself with his sheet. It was an instinctive move, but now his sheet is soiled with his cum! What happened with Elder Roberts? Was he caught or punished? The penalties for such behavior are severe, and if his colleague reported him, he would be severely punished.

Elder Roberts is full of distress but one part of his mind is secretly hoping that his missionary colleague did see him but liked what he saw and so wouldn’t tell anybody.


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Handsome Young Missionary Elder Jordan Passes Bishop’s Jerkoff Test

by on Oct.05, 2014, under MormonBoyz

Elder Jordan started out as a tough, strictly straight missionary and his brethren didn’t think he could be initiated so fast. But, Elder Hardt secretly watched Elder Jordan while he was jerking off in the bathroom. A bit later Elder Hardt managed to engage him in some hot sexy game of wrestling which ended with him shooting a big load all over Elder Jordan (check the preview out here).

Bishop Angus has been plotting how to properly initiate Elder Jordan into their priesthood, but he’s had his doubts because he thought it would be really hard to willingly engage Elder Jordan in any man-to-man sexual activity. As always, Bishop Angus decides to pray and fast so he can figure this problem out more easily. He realizes that a decisive step forward has to be taken, despite the possible setbacks and dangers.

Elder Jordan is brought into Bishop’s office and is awaiting for the bishop to arrive. He can sense that something important is about to happen and that makes him feel uneasy. Elder Jordan had already asked Elder Hardt about the main nature of this religious order, but Elder Hardt wouldn’t tell him anything. Bishop asks Jordan how he feels like, and he admits that he’s feeling nervous. Bishop assures him that there’s no reason to feel nervous and that the most important thing a missionary can do is to fulfill all his duties and listen to his superiors.

Bishop Angus tells Elder Jordan that he should take off all his clothes when he goes through the temple. While Elder Jordan is removing his shirt and pants he notices that Bishop Angus is rubbing his dick through his pants. Elder Jordan now stands naked and wonders what this is all about, and then suddenly he realizes he might get a spontaneous erection just from standing there naked in front of another horned-up guy.

Elder Jordan tries to come up with a reason why they’re doing all this and the only thing that comes to mind is that the bishop gets off on seeing other missionaries naked. He suddenly realizes that the other missionaries might have had to go through this same thing, to get naked for the bishop. Bishop instructs him to sit on the main desk and tells him that it’s totally OK to get a raging boner. Little by little, Elder Jordan’s cock grows to its full size and Bishop Angus also plays with his dick, then whips it out when it’s totally hard. Like any other guy Elder Jordan starts thinking how hung the other missionaries are and where his cock’s size falls in that chart.

Bishop Angus likes very much what he sees, Elder Jordan’s cock is nice, big and stiff, just like he imagined it to be. Bishop Angus can’t resist taking care of his own big hardon, so he removes his pants and his erect dick is now in full view of both men. Now both missionaries are jacking off their cocks.

Elder Jordan still feels anxious and doesn’t want Bishop Angus to notice that he finds the whole situation sexually arousing, so he tries to look elsewhere. However, when two guys are stroking their dicks together, the sexual energy is just so strong that it can’t be denied so easily. Bishop Angus still feels that the young missionary is nervous and encourages him by telling him what a great job he’s doing, and tells him that it is OK to ejaculate as well.

Elder Jordan strokes his dick now at a much faster pace, while bishop strokes his dick much slower. Bishop is eager to see the boy’s cumshot before he busts his nut. The bishop touches the young missionary’s body while Jordan is busy working his dick. Elder Jordan inexorably approaches the point of no return and soon enough he shoots his load all over his six pack abs. This means that the young Elder Jordan has passed the test and Bishop Angus wants to reward him by shooting his own load over him. He approaches Elder Jordan and shoots a huge load all over Elder’s chest. The Bishop takes a bit of their mixed jizz into his hand and annoints Elder Jordan’s forehead.


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Pervy & Hairy Bishop Angus Fucks Handsome Elder Parker Hard & Raw

by on Aug.09, 2014, under MormonBoyz

There has been lots of rumors among the missionaries about what happens in Bishop Angus’ office. Many missionaries have told the stories about Bishop getting very intimate with them and some even got a very hard ass pounding with Bishop’s large thick raw cock. Elder Parker has heard these rumors and when he got an invitation to visit Bishop Angus, he knew that his ass wouldn’t be spared either.

The bishop has been secretly lusting over Elder Parker ever since he set his eyes upon him. As soon as Elder Parker joined the mission, Bishop knew that he had to had this hottie’s ass. Elder Parker is very handsome with his sexy face and dark brown eyes, and has a very well-built masculine body. Bishop spent many nights obsessing about getting near Elder Parker’s ass with his cock and penetrating that hole for the first time… now the time has come.

Elder Parker wanted to look neat and tidy for bishop, so he first took a long shower making sure that his dick and ass are squeaky clean. He chose one of his best white shirts and polished his shoes. He knows that bishop is going to scrutinize him from head to toe.

After some waiting in the waiting room, Elder Parker is finally called in bishop’s office. He is instructed to take a seat. Elder Parker already knows that this is going to be a physical examination as well as a test of his sexual prowess. So there’s no wasting time and Bishop orders him to take his clothes off. Elder Parker gets hard pretty quickly and as soon as Bishop’s raw cock penetrates his ass he’s in ecstasy.

Elder Parker thought he could hold on and postpone the orgasm for longer, but Bishop’s dick is so thick and big and hit all the right places in his ass so Elder Parker is quickly brought to the point of no return. Elder Parker shoots his load while Bishop is fucking his ass. The sight of this hot young missionary cumming while he is fucking his ass was too much for Bishop as well, so he soon starts squirting his semen deep into Elder Parker’s ass. The orgasm was so powerful that Bishop Angus’ body shook all over while he was injecting his seed into that ass.



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Horny Missionaries Elder Kensington & Elder Miller Fuck Each Other Raw & Deep

by on Jul.22, 2014, under MormonBoyz

Elder Kensington has a secret obsession in his mind. The object of this obsession is, of course, his missionary buddy Elder Miller. Ever since the day when he secretly sniffed the scent of Elder Miller’s sweat on his clothes Elder Kensington just couldn’t get him out of his mind. In his daydreams he would imagine reaching for Elder Miller’s big hard cock in his pants and doing all kind of things with his ripped masculine body.

As luck would have it, one day these two young missionaries were sent to visit the ward mission leader’s house. Elder Kensington could not not notice that Elder Miller had a raging hardon in his pants. No matter how hard Elder Miller tried to hide his embarrassing wood, for Elder Kensington it was obvious and clear as a sunny day. Elder Kensington thought that the matter can and should be resolved during a companionship inventory. Namely, when two or more young missionaries have some issue to resolve, they usually resort to a companionship inventory and they sort out their differences.

When they arrived home, Elder Kensington admits that he’s got a big boner in his pants. Allegedly it’s because of a woman that they saw together, and Elder Miller says that he also had a raging erection caused by that woman, but that he isn’t hard anymore. Elder Miller thinks it’s interesting that Elder Kensington is still hard, and wants to see Elder Kensington’s erect dick with his own eyes. Namely, the two missionaries must share all their secrets in order to be true to themselves. As soon as Elder Kensington whips out his hard cock, Elder Miller seems to become spellbound by it and instinctively swallows it.

Well, one thing leads to another and soon enough Elder Miller receives Elder Kensington’s cock in his bare ass. He fucks Elder Miller’s ass for some time, slowly and passionately, penetrating him deep in the process. Then the guys change roles and now Elder Miller fucks Elder Kensington, also slowly and passionately and the two guys kiss a lot. Then the tables are turned again and Elder Kensington fucks his missionary buddy in the ass for some time. There’s an explosive finish to this story, but I will leave you to find it by yourself in the complete video.


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Elder Miller Strokes His Big Fat Dick Before The Scrutinizing Eyes Of Pervy Authoritarian Bishop

by on Jul.13, 2014, under MormonBoyz

It’s time for Elder Miller to fulfill his duty towards the bishop and their holy brotherhood – he has to be examined by the bishop who is the only authority that can say whether this young male is up to the task that is expected of him. He dresses up impeccably and by god, he does look like a genuine missionary. He appears in the bishop’s office rather early, and uses this time to say a little prayer before he gets examined by bishop’s stern gaze and hands.

The bishop is an expert on these physical and spiritual examinations. He is very fond of his job because he gets to see all the young men in their prime and research their young energetic masculine bodies, compare them and see for himself the workings of the most high in the human body. All the missionary men know the importance of this examination and are very eager to please the bishop, hence they are always in top physical shape when they appear before him. Of course, the whole examination is completely discreet and only the young elder and the bishop know are privy to the details that happen during the session.

The bishop maintains a professional distance from the examined elder, and Elder Miller thinks it’s both slightly scary and sexy at the same time. He has heard various stories about these examinations but is not sure what exactly he can expect at any given moment. The bishop’s authoritative commands make his dick hard in no time and it wants to get free from the restraints of his pants. The bishop is secretly awed by Elder Miller’s hot young and ripped body and manages to conceal his excitement that such a hot male specimen is right there before his eyes. The bishop orders the young missionary to remove his shirt and other clothes so he can see his naked body. The young inexperienced missionary obeys the order without question and is actually happy that he can satisfy and live up to the bishop’s demands. "Does he think I’m handsome?" is a thought that is constantly running through his head. The bishop approaches him and yanks his tie, which falls onto the ground. He takes off his shirt and gives it to the bishop, which reveals his hot ripped chest that emanates the primeval energy of masculine strength.

Soon enough his pants are gone, too and the young missionary stands there naked, only wearing his underwear. The bishop gives out another order: pleasure yourself through the underwear. His cock is already hard and responds very favorably to the hand rubbing it through the pants.

Finally, the bishop orders him to remove the underwear as well, so he can see the young missionary’s cock in its full size and glory. The bishop’s job consists of making sure that this young man is a fully functional male capable of fathering children and being sexually active in general. Bishop has to make the missionary cum and dump his load so he can inspect his semen as well, the quality, consistency and volume. The elder is told to sit down and pleasure himself at his own pace.

It certainly feels rather awkward being naked with a raging hardon in front of a clothed minister, but as a young elder he knows that obedience and patience are the the most prized virtues and he wants to leave the best possible impression. He strokes his massive thick rod slowly, then starts yanking it faster and more aggressively. Elder Miller suddenly has a weird and humbling idea on his mind – he will use this opportunity to confess all his sins to the bishop at this moment, and hopefully the bishop will deliver a proper punishment whereby all his sins will be washed away.

Elder Miller thinks he certainly deserves a very hard spanking. For instance, he thinks to himself, the bishop could bend him over the table and spank his ass so hard that it glows hot red and inflicts a lot of purifying pain for the sinner. Imagining the bishop’s big hairy hands beating his young ass makes him even more fond of the idea of such corporal punishment. Elder Miller is not sure whether he is the only one of whom it is required to stroke his hard cock before the bishop, or whether there are virtually no exceptions to this rule. The powerful energy surges throughout his body as he’s approaching the point of no return and he has to actually stand up. He approaches the desk and his muscles tighten just before he would start shooting his jizz all over the table.

Luckily, the bishop is very satisfied with this performance and he takes some of the elder’s cum and puts it on the elder’s head as a kind of anointment. Elder Miller is both relieved that this ordeal has passed and extremely satisfied that the bishop was pleased with his performance as a young adult sexually capable man.

However, there is a surprise towards the end of the session, because as it turns out this was just the first test in a series of tests. The bishop’s next order sounds a bit chilling when he tells the elder that he must lie down on the desk and allow to be tied to it. The next examination will be tougher than the first one. 


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