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Rough Fucking In The Woods With Tyler Alexander, Morgan Black & Ricky Sinz ("Cabin 2")

by on Feb.22, 2013, under Bound Gods



Tyler Alexander and his father’s best friend Morgan Black decide to go to the woods on foot.  It’s a long way uphill to the cabin and the two men are totally oblivious of the fact that madman Ricky Sinz is following them.

Tyler made a critical error when he went to take a piss. Ricky thought it was a perfect chance for him to attack. He manages to tie up both guys and puts each of them on a stake on top of the ridge.

Tyler is forced to suck Ricky’s cock and Morgan is forced to watch this whole scene. Ricky is still not satisfied with the amount of humiliation and pain he’s inflicted so far on these men, so he drags them to a tree in the shade. He takes out his cane and starts to flog them relentlessly. Morgan can feel Tyler’s pain and wants to save his buddy by redirecting Ricky’s fury to himself. He tells Ricky to flog him instead of Tyler. Ricky is unmoved and starts to flog both of them with undiminished force. Their asses are covered in red stripes from intense flogging.

Ricky now forces Morgan to fuck Tyler for some time and Morgan cums all over Tyler’s bare ass. There’s  a saying that trips can change us, and well, this one certainly did it for Tyler and Morgan. These two men will never be the same after this.


Preview video:

Click here to watch their entire video in HD quality at Bound Gods!

Bound Gods is one of the most famous BDSM sites on the Internet. It features hot, masculine men being tied up and tortured by dominant men. So, if you are into this somewhat more rough game of gay sex this is definitely a site worth checking out.


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Manhandled – Strong Studs Morgan & Dominic Flip-Flop Fucking

by on Feb.18, 2012, under ManHandled

Morgan Black and Dominic Sol are two hunky manly men and real-life boyfriends. Over time they learned how to make compromises, which is the basis of every successful relationship. Today they’re going to demonstrate us how this compromising works in real life when they flip-flop fuck like two horny animals.

Lots of sucking, fucking, sharing spit and cum. Unbeatable hot sex.

By the way, they might ask for a couple of volunteers to help demonstrate their next sex lesson. Anybody interested?


Short preview video:

Click here to watch their entire video in HD quality at ManHandled!

ManHandled is a brand new site that features dominant guys forcefully taking their pleasures: face-fucking, gagging, drooling, kissing, rough-play and bondage. Verbal tops keep their submissive bottoms in line, Fucking them hard, playing hard and pushing the limits all the time.

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Bound Jocks – Macho Hairy Morgan Black All Tied Up

by on Oct.23, 2011, under Bound Jocks

Morgan Black is a macho guy in his 30s. He has perfect blue eyes that can mesmerize just about anyone. Add to that his handsome face adorned with the manly beard, muscular body, hairy chest and strong arms and you get a man to die for.

Morgan Black wanted to work out a bit. He started with regular push-ups, and then intended to incorporate a fitness ball. But somewhere midway throughout this exercise his mind began to wander and he found himself in his imagination totally bound with ropes and his mouth tied with a cloth. He can’t move much and lies on the ground on his back. He’s almost completely naked except for the running shoes.

Somehow he frees his hands and manages to reach his cock that is rock hard by now. He slowly strokes it until he starts shooting his big load. This was a very hot shoot and I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did!


Short preview video:

Click here to watch his entire video in perfect HD quality at Bound Jocks!

Bound Jocks is a brand new site that features some of the most masculine motherfuckers that you will ever see. They usually start to work out, get naked, but soon enough their dirty mind plays tricks on them. It makes them daydream so vividly that they find themselves bound with ropes, chains etc. Very hot site indeed and perfect for lovers of masculine guys and mild BDSM!

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