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Broke Straight Boys – Big-Dicked Stud Jimmy Deflowers Rex’s Tight Ass

by on Jan.25, 2012, under Broke Straight Boys

Our broke straight boys for today are Jimmy and Rex. Jimmy is an already established top for us and he does it very well. Rex wanted to earn some easy money because someone stole his gunshot and he wants to buy a new one.

Both guys start taking their clothes off and playing with their dicks through the underpants. While they were fondling their dicks through the cotton material, they exchanged stories about their experiences at Broke Straight Boys.

Rex is a virgin boy when it comes to gay sex. He’s never had a man’s cock up his arse and this would be his very first real assfucking!  Jimmy ‘s cock got rock hard in no time, proving once again that his “insta-hardon” still works just fine.

Rex bent over and took Jimmy’s cock into his mouth. Jimmy loves getting head and this time it was no different. He was all smiles and you could tell he was loving every minute of it.

Jimmy loved the feeling of his cock being sucked so well that he had to return the favor and began to stroke Rex’s cock. Rex managed to deepthroat Jimmy and the entire Jimmy’s shaft went straight into his throat. That was amazing.

I asked the boys if they ever tried 69 and they were perplexed. So I suggested they tried it and they were all over it. Jimmy realized that Rex’s dick was even larger than his own. It was a real feat to get the entire Rex’s cock into his mouth. Jimmy wrapped his lips around Rex’s cock while he was fucking Rex in the face. Jimmy said he didn’t like to suck cock, but he obviously had to show his appreciation for Rex’s fantastic cocksucking skills.

Jimmy lay on his back holding his stiff rod in his hand and allowing Rex to sit on it and impale himself. Slowly, Rex managed to impale himself on this huge cock and then started to rise up and then go down, riding it. Rex moaned and groaned. I could tell it was very painful and a whole new kind of sensation for him. But in time he got used to the sensation of Jimmy’s big thick cock being inside his ass. He said later he felt filled up and that this new sensation of being drilled by another man started to overshadow the pain and that it felt pretty good.

Next, the boys switched positions and it was now time for Jimmy to start fucking Rex for real. Rex lay down on his stomach and allowed Jimmy to lay on top of him. Jimmy shoved his dick in one swift go and began to fuck Rex’s straight ass, getting it thoroughly deflowered.

Jimmy set a slow but steady pace and he fucked Rex for quite a long time, his balls slapping loudly against Rex’s ass cheeks. Rex grabbed the headboard and moaned ever more loud because with every thrust he felt every single inch of Jimmy’s big dick sliding in and out of his ass.

After some time both guys were completely drenched in sweat and soon enough Rex said he was about to shoot his load. Rex was holding onto the mattress for leverage, his teeth clenched while Jimmy relentlessly pounded away his tight ass. Suddenly Jimmy pulloed out and took away his condom. The boys jerked off hard and soon we could see Jimmy cumming first. Jimmy’s cum dripped down Rex’s hip and side. Rex came at the same time and his cum dribbled down his shaft and his pubes.



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