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Muscular & Big-Dicked Straight Stud Stefan

by on Jul.07, 2013, under SeanCody

Sometimes I just want to see a really muscled dude, with a huge cock. I don’t care about anything else, just as long as he’s ripped and hung. Well, that’s the mood I was in today, and the obvious choice was Stefan, a hot 29-year-old stud who takes his workout sessions seriously, and is certainly well-endowed in the dick department.

At first, like so many straight guys, Stefan was somewhat shy and unsure about himself (ha!), but as soon as I mentioned what great muscles he has, and if he’d like to show them to us, he pretty much relaxed and everything went smoothly from then on. Stefan also thinks that running is essential for a good and well-built body, hence he runs regularly. I joked that he looks pretty pale for someone who is outside running every day, but he says yeah, he certainly runs but that’s just his natural tan. He joked that he should buy stock in sunscreen companies.

Stefan has a really huge dick. It’s not only long but also very thick and when he points it towards you it looks intimidating! I got a hardon as soon as he whipped it out, and I can still jerk off to this hot muscular stud anytime I see him. I sure hope we’ll be seeing more of Stefan in the days to come!


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