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Extra-Hung Officer M Rapes Our Cocksucker’s Throat

by on Aug.08, 2013, under New York Straight Men

Sean prides himself in his ability to take cocksucking to a whole new level and bring complete satisfaction to any straight man that he may come across, and that has certainly been proven as fact. However, we wanted to see whether he can withstand some more abuse and tolerate rough aggressive motherfuckers such as our old friend Officer M.

Officer M is one of our best clients and we’re always happy to have him here. He always pushes the boundaries of our cocksuckers, and today it was no different. Sean had no problem whatsoever with that, what’s more, he welcomed the idea of a more rough servicing.

But even Sean could not foresee everything well. It turned out that he got a bit more than he had bargained for, but it all turned out very well, as you will see from the video.

To cut the story short: Officer M raped our cocksucker Sean’s face! He was so rough that even Sean was somewhat surprised. But the end result was this extremely hot video with closeups of Officer M’s gigantic cock fucking the shit out of Sean’s throat.

Sean is not easily confused, so he quickly understood that Officer M wanted his cock deepthroated, and he gave in. You can clearly see the entire Officer M’s shaft disappearing in Sean’s throat – well, that’s what I call an expert cocksucker.

Sean definitely surpassed even his own expectations and delivered an amazing, passionate blowjob. On the other hand, Officer M was more than satisfied and commended our cocksucker for his excellent technique and stamina.


Preview video:

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