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Cute Straight Dude Trevor Fucks Gay Boy Nate

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Nate Oakley is a young cute gay boy who is very much into straight guys. He says he’s attracted to their attitude and their "straight edge". He’s got a well-built lean body that he maintains in top shape by regular running and even participating in marathons.

He was quite eager to get fucked, so much so that he didn’t even pretend to be here because of any other reason whatsoever.

On the other hand, Trevor is a straight dude who, although also young and cute, looks a little rough as well. Obviously the time spent in the army has left certain traces on his body and in his general attitude and behavior. Anyway, Trevor has a well-built, lean, muscular body with strong legs, and bubble butt. His dick measures about 7 inches and is pretty thick.

The casting director asked Trevor whether he ever participated on one of those wild three way orgies with a guy and girl, and he admitted that he has – he fucked his friend’s sister with one more guy. Well, pity we don’t have a recording of that event, I bet it was hot!

There’s the usual "sudden turn of events" and the girl that was promised allegedly cannot come, so the guys are offered a chance to earn much more if they "interact" with each other. Trevor says he hadn’t even jerked off in the presence of another guy, and is generally opposed to the idea, but oh well… long story short, the money offer was too attractive to let the opportunity pass by, and soon enough the guys are sucking cock and fucking.

Nate first jacks off Trevor’s dick with his hand, then when it was Trevor’s turn to return the favor he was a bit reluctant and too self-conscious in this new role, but after some time he gets used to stroking another guy’s cock.

Next, Trevor lets Nate suck his cock while he’s standing there – and this was a pretty big surprise for him – he watched Nate slobbering all over his manhood in utter disbelief. He apparently thought that only girls can suck cock, but what do you know – guys can do it even better! Pay attention to Nate’s face expressions while Nate is taking care of his dick.

When it was time for Trevor to reciprocate, he said something like "No dick is going in my mouth" and repeats this rephrasing it in several other variations. The casting director is now certain that Trevor really doesn’t want to go that way this time, and that’s ok.

Next, Nate wants to try kissing Trevor, but Trevor wasn’t up for this and he backed off. The casting director urges him to try nevertheless, and Trevor only very reluctantly gives it a try. No French kiss I’m afraid, but Nate shows the way by returning the kiss in a very passionate way.

Funny thing with straight guys is that while they have a big problem kissing other guys, and even handling their cocks, they usually don’t have any problems with fucking their ass. I guess it’s because it doesn’t really make them feel gay, because many ladies like to get fucked in the ass as well. So when the casting director asked Trevor if he could fuck Nate a little, he said no problem. The casting director tells Trevor to just copy the guy who was fucking a girl on the porno video that they were watching.

Nate gets on all fours and Trevor shoves his dick straight into the eager ass, and then fucks Nate hard and deep. Nate moans and groans like a girl while being fucked. Trevor then puts Nate on his back so he can fuck him in that position. Nate really liked being fucked in this way and it didn’t take him long to be brought to the point of no return. Soon enough we can see Nate shooting his load – and it was pretty nice and big. Trevor follows suit and, after he’s gotten rid of the condom, he strokes his cock a few more times, then shoots the spunk all over Nate’s body.

After the fucking we can watch these guys in the shower while they’re cracking jokes and just fooling around.


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