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Straight Dude Jordan Gets A Happy-Ending Massage

by on Apr.02, 2014, under SpunkWorthy

Often it takes several times for some straight guys to get used to the idea of having another guy manipulate their cock and balls. It’s such an unusual notion for most of them that they need some time to get used to the feelings and sensations, and learn to appreciate them despite the fact that they come from another guy. And usually, it just so happens that they begin to like it, and come for more!

In one of our previous updates, straight college baseball player Jordan was so pleasantly surprised by the pleasurable feelings while getting a handjob from our cocksucker, that he decided to try it again, and maybe go one step further. The next step is, of course, a massage that has a happy ending. Actually, he was very keen on getting such a massage because he had heard how interesting it can get. He told us he had a happy ending massage only once in the past, and it was his then girlfriend who needs to be thanked for it. He adds that it wasn’t a professional massage, though.

So, Jordan lay on the table and the guy who did the massage oiled him up. Soon enough, Jordan’s fairly large cock began to wake up and get hard. The massage guy goes from his back and shoulders, and proceeds to those deliciously hairy butt cheeks. By now Jordan’s cock is already at full mast, protruding like a rocket on the launch pad. His ass needed some special attention and the massage guy spread the ass cheeks to deliver some rimming action. Jordan just uttered a faint moan and groan, so we all know he enjoyed it.

Jordan turns around and we can see now his dick is rock hard and pulsating. The massage guy massages Jordan’s perfect chest and nips, then takes his cock in his hands. As soon as the cock stroking began, Jordan started to moan and groan much more often. The cocksucker now knows what he has to do, and takes Jordan’s cockhead into his mouth. Jordan manages to utter only "Oh, fuck!" and takes the cocksucker’s head with his hands, pushing it onto his cock. You see, when a man’s cock is hard, it’s almost impossible for him to resist a good blowjob.

The unexpected pleasure of having his cock sucked off by a professional male cocksucker sent shivers throughout Jordan’s masculine body and it was fairly obvious that he wouldn’t last for much longer, if the cocksucker continues with his work. Being an experienced cocksucker, our massage therapist switched his attention from Jordan’s cock to his balls to slow down the approaching torrent of cum. However, this was not to be avoided for much longer and soon enough Jordan told us that he was on the verge of jizzing. Several more strokes did the trick and a big load of thick cum erupted from Jordan’s cockhead and went all the way up to his shoulder, splattering on his stomach as well and making quite a mess.


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