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Sexy Dressed-Up Man Rob Fully Examined By Pervy Job Interviewer

by on May.30, 2014, under CMNM

Rob is a very smart, handsome and good-looking young businessman. Unfortunately, he’s been laid off from his previous job and is now in desperate need of finding a new one. Today he has this new job interview and he’s nervous as hell about it. Rob wants this job so badly, and, of course, he has really made every effort to dress up and look totally professional. May I add, he also looks very sexy and hot in his suit and tie.

Little does Rob know that his job interviewer is a thoroughly perverted sexy stud who often likes to examine prospective candidates in many unusual and unorthodox ways. These questions frequently turn into a complete physical examination where the candidate’s sexual abilities are put to the test as well. Rob is taken aback when interviewer Dave starts squeezing his nipples and examining his sizeable cock. Despite all the awkwardness of the situation, Rob’s cock quickly grows hard as steel and Rob can’t do anything about it. Rob’s cock proudly stands fully erect and throbbing, and Dave proceeds to examine it as well, sniffing it and gauging its size.

Next, an asshole examination is in order. No matter how embarrassing it gets, Rob knows that he has to conform to his interviewer’s demands in order to get the job. Who would have thought all these things would be required of him at a job interview? One just can’t know what tomorrow brings…


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