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Young Handsome Man Bob Gets Examined At A Very Unusual Job Interview

by on Dec.22, 2018, under CMNM

Young handsome man Bob has been eagerly awaiting for this job interview for weeks, and of course he’s made sure that he is all scrubbed up and wearing his best shirt and tie, so as to leave the best possible impression.

When he was younger, Bob used to spend all his time playing sports with his buddies and fucking as many chicks as possible. But time has caught up with him and he now needs to think of his professional career and try to win his place among the big boys, to make it big in business so he could provide for his future family.

The interviewer Dave, however, has some pretty unorthodox methods when evaluating potential candidates. Bob is getting ever more suspicious as Dave’s questions become ever more sensitive and intimate. However, Bob knows that this is one in a million chance and he’s willing to sacrifice his ego for the higher good. After some time Dave asks Bob to strip down his clothes so he can examine his body and see if it will fit the profile needed by the job requirements. Funilly enough, Bob’s cock becomes hard in no time just from Dave’s touching him with his hands.

Little by little, Bob realizes that this is definitely not going to be an ordinary interview, especially when Dave pulls out his hard big dick and asks him to suck it! To be continued in the next episode…

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