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Aggressive Master Billy Trains His New Sub Boy Elliott

by on Aug.03, 2014, under Brutal Tops

Billy is one of those bad boys you remember from high school that loves to behave bossy and subdue pitiful subs to his will. And since Billy is always horny and his behavior leans towards bullying and aggressiveness, he’s found a perfect new apprentice – his new sub boy Elliott.

Billy storms into the basement to see how his sub boy is coping with the curriculum he’s been given, namely to be ready to worship his master no matter the circumstances. Elliott is stark naked and lying on the floor. Master Billy kicks him with his feet and even puts his filthy shoe into Elliott’s face, humiliating the poor sub. Billy is very vocal and shouts out loud various nasty words which bring further humiliation to the sub boy. He even spits into the sub’s face and leaves him like that.

Billy’s got another idea on how to teach his sub humility and obedience. He puts his bare foot and shoves it deep into Elliott’s mouth. Billy’s stinky feet ravage the sub’s mouth and reach almost to his throat. Now it’s time for the main course of the day. Billy takes off his shirt and the poor sub can now only admire and worship his master’s perfect body. Billy looks great naked and we just know he’s really going to teach this sub how to respect more masculine men. Billy’s still got his underwear and we can clearly see that he’s hiding a huge pecker inside because it’s making a big sexy bulge inside.

But to prepare the sub for his real dick, he first takes a dildo and shoves it deep into Elliott’s poor butt. After having stretched that ass with a dildo, Billy urinates into Elliott’s mouth. By now Billy’s cock is fully erect and his sub boy is spellbound by it, and wants to show appreciation for that beautiful upright rod. Master Billy forcefully pushes his erect dick into the sub’s mouth and throat and face-fucks him until he sub begins to gag. I am pretty sure even more hardcore stuff is to follow soon.


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