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Hairy Bearded Straight Stud Jesse Gets Sucked Off By A Dude For The First Time

by on Oct.02, 2014, under SUCKoffGUYS

If you like to watch hairy bearded straight men, then you should check out Jesse. He’s hairy in all the right places, and he sports an epic beard to top it off. Furthermore, this straight stud loves it when the cocksucker swallows his load, but unfortunately all the girls that he’s been with so far were reluctant to swallow. Such pity! Luckily for him, our dedicated cocksucker Aaron French doesn’t have these problems and was more than happy to not not suck Jesse’s cock but also to swallow every drop of his seed as well.

But you might wonder how Jesse came into contact with us in the first place. Good question. While he was talking with some of his buddies, a few of them mentioned that if he really wants to see someone swallow his load, he should defo find a gay guy because, as it is widely known throughout the universe, gay guys love cum!

So we first see Jesse already stark naked, he has no problems with boasting a little with all his manly assets: hot hairy body, and a nice big stiff cock. Aaron couldn’t wait to swallow that beautiful hard tool ASAP, so he knelt before the bearded stud and got down to work immediately. Aaron was not in a hurry and wanted this blowjob to last as long as possible, so he didn’t apply too much stimulation. After the initial nervousness and shock because a guy is sucking his cock for the fist time ever, Jesse pulls himself together and soon enough starts to enjoy the blowjob. Jesse realizes he’s on the seventh heaven when Aaron swallows his entire cock, balls deep. Jesse is not really used to having his entire cock deepthroated, so this was definitely a pleasant surprise for him.

Jesse stands up and gives Aaron a sign that he is close to cumming. Aaron swallows his cock a few more times, then Jesse continues to stroke his cock solo. It didn’t take him long and he shot a nice big load all over Aaron’s face and everywhere else (quite a messy, explosive cumshot). Aaron made sure to collect, eat and swallow every drop of Jesse’s jizz that he could catch. Aaron then takes Jesse’s cock in his mouth again to lick it clean.

So here’s another proof that it’s not just a myth – gay guys really do like to swallow!


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