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Muscled Stud Max Ravages Ken’s Ass In A Visionary Dream

by on Oct.20, 2014, under GayHoopla

Max Summerfield has always considered himself to be a really tough motherfucker – you’d better not fuck with him or else. But during last night he had a weird dream, in which he felt vulnerable, afraid and not so alpha male as he usually thinks about himself. Namely, an Indian witch doctor gave him some potion to show him some important things about himself. But the witch doctor didn’t mention that there would be some side-effects as well, such as: blurred vision, huge headache, and a constant boner that, no matter how many times he jerks off, it just won’t go away. He’s gotten so horny that he could fuck just about anything and anyone that appears in front of him. And the potion also affects his dreams.

In the dream, Max appears to be at a lonely dark place, and he has no clue where he is. It turns out it is a closet and since all the doors are closed there’s not even a flicker of light, everything is so dark. Slowly, a door opens and Ken Ott and Jeff Niels appear next to Max’s muscular legs. The two guys who seem to have appeared out of thin air start sucking on Max’s throbbing stiff rod. They also kiss and caress his erect dick, worshipping it like a true masterpiece of masculinity.

It didn’t take them long to get Max to the point of no return and soon enough Max busts his nut. After a few more seconds Max now finds himself at an entirely different place. He is watching himself in the mirror while he’s washing his face. There is a faint voice coming from somewhere, but he doesn’t recognize it until Ken appears. Max asks Ken why he visits him so often in his dreams and threatens that he is going to "destroy him". To prove that he’s the boss around here, Max starts fucking Ken’s ass hard and aggressively. This was a really nice hard fucking and I enjoyed it. Max finally pulls out and dumps his load all over Ken’s naked muscled body.

Although the acting is atrocious, the guys are smoking hot, and I especially liked to watch Max fucking guys’ ass.

Now, the only thing that I still wonder – Is Max going to appear in my dreams as well? I have something to teach him, too.


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