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Machine Tools CEO Examines A Tall, Masculine And Hung Blue-Collar Worker

by on May.12, 2018, under CMNM

The management of “Machine Tools” has been concerned about unimpressive productivity and sales results in the past quarter. They know all too well that not everything can be learnt from spreadsheets and reports. Sometimes a more hands-on approach is needed, and you just need to get in touch with the workers themselves to find out the reason for bad productivity.

So, Mr. Swallows takes it upon himself to examine the company’s blue collar workers with his own hands. He and his assistant call up a particularly tall, masculine and strong worker, and start examining his hot, muscled body. Unsurprisingly, the workers cock soon wakes up, and dang what a fine big specimen it is!

Mr. Swallows suspects that this hunky worker has been using his own tool more than the Machine Tools that they are supposed to be using.

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