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Four Hot, Well-Built & Straight Sportsmen Show Off & Play With Their Dicks

by on Aug.10, 2019, under English Lads

Today we’re going to take a closer look at four hot straight lads from the UK: Noah Goulding, Dominic Moore, Oli Clark, and George Hirst.

In the first scene, we have Noah Goulding paired with an old friend of ours, Dominic Moore. Noah is a very ripped young man, and he’s just come back from Australia this week. Dominic has become very good at introducing these new straight guys to the joys of showing off for the camera. Dominic is cheeky and enthusiastic as always!

Noah says that he has been pleasantly surprised by the positive feedback he got from his fans for his previous appearance, and he was eager to show off some more, especially since Dominic could help him with that! Dominic lets us explore Noah’s massive muscles and then plays with his big uncut dick! Noah wasn’t shy about all that, and actually he was eager to return the favor by wanking Dominic’s dick as well. So we have two hot straight lads playing with each other’s sizable boners!

It looks like Noah’s massive uncut dick was a bit too much of a temptation for Dominic, so he had to try to suck it for a bit. Noah enjoyed the blowjob, his cock kept oozing precum throughout the blowjob, indicating he was really excited and turned on! Then the boys also give us a great view of their naked butts, and after that they kick back and shoot their loads almost at the same time! Dang, those loads were pretty big, making a nice big mess all over the place. Yummy!


Oli Clark is a young ripped straight lad who works as a personal trainer. He has played many sports in his life, but is now more focused on his personal trainer career. This has given him a great physique with a nice balance of muscle size and excellent definition. When he removes his underwear, we can also appreciate his most important manly asset – his cock looks long even when it’s soft, and when it gets hard it becomes more than 7 inches long! Oli takes great pleasure in playing with his big dick  and showing off both his muscles and his huge dick. He kicks back on the sofa and strokes his dick until he shoots a nice load all over his chest and abs!


George Hirst is a young straight football player. He exudes confidence and he wasn’t shy at all when he was asked to strip and show off his body. He loves the attention from the camera and gets off on the thought that people will get turned on by watching him! As you might have guessed, his cock gets hard quite easily, and before you know it it’s out and standing proud! He then lies on his back and strokes his cock until he busts his nut all over himself!

Noah Goulding & Dominic Moore

Oli Clark

George Hirst

Preview video:

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