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Jack King & Donny Forza Fuck Jonathan Oxford At His Audition

by on Aug.22, 2017, under Raw Castings

From this rather new site called Raw Castings we liked the audition of their new guy Jonathan Oxford. Casting director Donny Forza wasn’t totally sure whether Jonathan would be able to meet their requirements so he called his buddy Jack King to help him with that…

Jack King whips out his hard dick and tells Jonathan to swallow it. In the meantime Donny works on Jonathan’s ass. So Jack King and Donny Forza fuck Jonathan and fill his both holes. Jack cums right into Jonathan’s ass (nice real internal cumshot), and Donny shoots his load into Jonathan’s face. Then Jonathan also busts his nut. And so, Jonathan has passed the audition with flying colors!


Preview video:

Click here to watch their entire video in HD quality at Raw Castings!

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Bunch Of Ripped Hung Guys Bareback & Breed Riley’s Willing Ass

by on Aug.21, 2017, under FraternityX

Text description we got from “Frat-boy”:

“The weed was scarce lately and this bitch in the cage wanted to get some weed so one of the guys gave it to him and then there was nothing left. The other boys agreed that the demanding bitch should be properly punished for having smoked our last batch, so we fucked his bare ass while we watched some UFC fight on TV. Nothing better than nailing a bitch’s ass hard and raw!”

Ben’s commentary:

We haven’t checked what these bad boys were up to in some time, so let’s take a look. And as you’d imagine, they’re up to no good! Following their well-tried and tested recipe, one of the boys (“the bitch”) got his ass thoroughly slammed by everyone present and the jizz flew in all directions.

Let’s see who participated in this one. First we have Micky who is 21 years old, ethnicity – Caucasian, dick – 7 inches cut, preferred role – versatile, eyes – hazel, hair – dark brown, sexual orientation – bisexual; then we have AJ who is 26 years old, ethnicity – Caucasian, dick – 7 inches cut, preferred role – top, eyes – hazel, hair – blonde, sexual orientation – bisexual; James who is 22, ethnicity – Caucasian, dick – 8,5 inches cut, preferred role – top, eyes – blue, hair – brown, sexual orientation – bisexual; Riley who is 18, ethnicity – Hispanic, dick – 7 inches uncut, preferred role – bottom, eyes – green, hair – brown, sexual orientation – straight; Mickey who is 19, ethnicity – Caucasian, dick – 8,5 inches, preferred role – top, eyes – green, hair – red, sexual orientation – straight.

Preview video:

Click here to watch their entire videos in HD quality at FraternityX.

FraternityX is an amazing porn site that features a group of young, bisexual college boys who are sexually insatiable, always horny and ready to fuck a hole. They record their orgies and put them up on their website (FraternityX) and charge a small membership fee so that you can help put them through college!

You can enjoy lots of 3-somes and wild orgies on this site, and the boys are truly handsome and hot. The trademark feature of this site is bareback sex and plenty of messy creampies and internal cumshots.

As always, make sure you realize this is a fantasy site, the guys are tested and always use condoms in real life!



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Blast From The Past – Straight Macho Serbian Man Srdjan Gets Serviced

by on Aug.20, 2017, under New York Straight Men

Here’s another classic blowjob video from NYSM’s archives… it was shot back in 2012 and it features superhot Serbian straight man Srdjan. Srdjan was born in Serbia but he moved to NYC some ten years ago and he loves his new home. He works as a bartender and he has a girlfriend with whom he plans to engage soon.

As most Serbian men he is very traditional and being straight he prefers women, but like all men he simply loves blowjobs… sooo… over time he has had a few guys suck his cock and came to the conclusion that guys can usually do a better job at cocksucking, because they know better how to do it properly!

Since this “revelation” about guys and blowjobs, Srdjan doesn’t really mind getting his cock blown by guys. NYSM’s then resident cocksucker Trey was all too happy to service this sexy macho Serbian stud and quickly fell on his knees and reached for Srdjan’s dick. Srdjan was kind but commanding towards Trey and explicitly told him (in his macho Serbian accent) how to suck his cock. Somewhat later Srdjan starts to guide Trey’s head onto his dick and face fucks him hard.

The guys changed several positions and finally Srdjan kicked back onto the sofa and while Trey licked his balls he shot a nice big load all over his strong muscular chest.

We’ve provided an extended video preview for you – check it out, it lasts about 7 minutes and it’s very hot.

Extended Preview video:

Click here to watch their entire video in HD quality at New York Straight Men!

New York Straight Men is the world’s biggest collection of straight men getting their blowjobs from gay dudes! These men are usually truly straight but they love getting head from a gay guy because it feels so much better than whatever their girlfriends can do. These men are not the Hollywood type cuties, they are Real Men!


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Sexy Big-Dicked Boys Easton & Kevin Reed Fuck Each Other Hard & Raw

by on Aug.20, 2017, under Chaosmen

There’s no denying that these two guys have a lot in common and are a perfect match for each other – their height, build, looks and even their cocks are all similar. So it was only natural to pair them and see what would come out of it.

Easton is a naturally born top and he likes to dominate guys. Now Kevin Reed had only once received a cock in his ass prior to this shoot, but it became obvious that he loves to get fucked. He’s also fond of experimenting with huge toys at his home, always aiming at the biggest and longest toy.

Be that as it may, Kevin is still inexperienced as far as taking a real man’s cock is concerned. Easton decided to rim Kevin’s ass first, to take it slow and easy at first so that Kevin’s ass gets properly relaxed. Easton makes Kevin swallow his cock, giving him a chance to see how big it is and what he can expect in his ass.

Poor Kevin, try as hard as he might he couldn’t swallow more than a mouthful of Easton very large and long dick. Easton’s fingers are busy around Kevin’s hole, no less than three fingers are already inside Kevin’s ass crack. Finally, Easton inserts his cock slowly, so that Kevin can take it easy and slowly. Soon enough, though, Kevin gets used to the new feeling of hard big dick in his ass and starts encouraging Easton to fuck him harder.

Kevin didn’t stay indebted to Easton for long – soon enough he returned the favor and shoved his equally thick rod deep into Easton’s ass. Easton was surprised by this, but Kevin just has a lot of experience with such a casual sliding of his dick into any willing pussy. Easton didn’t really mind that, however, and kept asking for more.

So Easton again starts fucking Kevin and this time he doesn’t stop until he shoots a bit of cum onto Kevin’s asscrack, then shoves it back in to breed him as he should. Kevin encourages him saying, “Yeah, fill my hole!”

Easton than grabs Kevin’s dick and after a few strokes Kevin starts shooting a massive load all over Easton’s partially surprised face! After that the guys kiss each other passionately.

Preview video:

Check out their entire video in HD quality at Chaosmen.

Chaosmen is a great porn site that features hot straight and bi men getting serviced or fucking their mates bareback for some cash. This site is exceptional and very unique because almost every single fucking is bareback and ends with a gorgeous internal cumshot or creampie.



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New Bearded Jock Hector Barebacks Joey’s Bare Eager Ass & Deposits Creampie

by on Aug.18, 2017, under SeanCody

As soon as Hector and Joey were introduced to each other, it was obvious that these two ripped studs had some serious chemistry. First we suggested that they go on a hike outdoors to get to know each other a little better and have some fun time together. But we knew what was on their horny minds all the time… Hector wanted to take a piece of Joey’s inviting ass and to fuck it with wild abandon.

When we realized the hots they had for each other, we knew that it was time to go indoors and let the boys release the heat. Hector was gentle and slow in the beginning and let Joey maximally enjoy the ride on his big thick dick!

Preview video:

Click here to watch their entire video in HD quality at Sean Cody!

Sean Cody is probably the most well-known gay porn site on the planet. They have impeccable taste in hot college men – check them out! All their guys are perfectly built, very masculine, and straight for the most part. However they will fuck a dude for some cash yay!


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Beefy Muscular Military Boy Aamon Strokes His Uncut Cock & Shoots Big Load

by on Aug.17, 2017, under Straight Off Base

Meet Corporal Aamon! He is a 22-year-old, muscled beefy hunk who is in the Marines. He was born in Ireland but now he lives in Colorado. He is about 6′ tall (182 cm) and weighs about 190 lbs (86 kg). He says he totally enjoys the South California beaches on the weekends.

While he was in high school he played soccer, boxing and he even won a couple of snowboard competitions. Now he’s back at the Major Wood’s headquarters to bust a nut once again for the camera. After that, he would be on his way to the beach!

Aamon makes himself comfortable on the bed and slowly jacks off his nice uncut dick. His cock measures about 7,5 inches (19 cm) and the camera loves him. After a passionate jacking off session, Aamon shoots a big load and makes a complete mess on his stomach.

Preview video:

Click here to watch his entire video in HD at Straight Off Base.

sob_8_300x250 sob_5_300x250
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Sexy Ripped Jocks Chase Klein & Mike Maverick Flip-Flop Fucking Hard

by on Aug.16, 2017, under College Dudes

These guys certainly didn’t waste any time… even before the camera started rolling they were already kissing and touching each other. Mike can’t get enough of Chase’s firm ass and then this made Chase hungry for Mike’s cock.

Chase swallows Mike’s dick and starts sucking it like a pro, deepthroating it with ease. Mike then takes off Chase’s pants and returns the favor by sucking on Chase’s hard rod. Little by little Mike goes towards Chase’s ass and rims his ass crack. Now that it’s properly wet and relaxed, Mike shoves his dick into that ass and starts fucking Chase nice and hard. Mike’s dick is pretty long and it makes Chase moan and groan with pleasure.

Then the guys change roles and now Chase spreads Mike’s legs and shoves his big cock into Mike’s willing ass. Chase fucks Mike nice and long and eventually fucks the cum out of him. Chase soon follows suit, pulls out and shoots his load all over Mike.

Preview video:

Click here to watch their entire video in perfect HD quality at College Dudes!

College Dudes is one of the best and coolest sites that feature hot, amateur college boys. These guys are truly new and amateur, you probably haven’t seen them anywhere else. Some sets feature a guy simply showing off his young, chiseled body, while others have two guys paired in some hot action. Check it out – there are many, many updates indeed.


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Hot Ripped Dude Marti Trifon Shows Off His Powerful Muscles & Strokes His Big Fat Cock

by on Aug.15, 2017, under Bentley Race

Here we have a hot bad boy from Germany who goes by the name of Marti Trifon. Ben from Bentleyrace says that he was hooked and determined to see this muscle boy as soon as he saw Marti’s photo which he sent him by email.

Marti is actually from Eastern Europe, but he moved to Berlin a couple years ago. Marti trains bodybuilding professionally and he takes part in championships. He says that at the moment he is not in his best shape because he takes a break from his bodybuilding training in Winter.

When Ben saw Marti’s first pics where Marti looked quite buff and mean, he expected that Marti would have that typical macho attitude so characteristic of bodybuilders. But he was wrong – Marti turned out to be one of the nicest and kindest guys he met during his travels through Europe. And the two guys enjoyed talking to each other so much that Ben apparently almost forgot that he needed to take Marti’s pics!

Understandably, Marti is pretty proud of his muscular physique and healthy life, and he is not shy to show it all off. On top of it all, his cock is big, thick and stiff – just what the doctor ordered!

Marti said this was his very first time to be photographed by another guy, and he liked the experience. His jerkoff session was sizzling hot and he shot a huge load all over his stomach!

Click here to watch his entire video in HD quality at Bentley Race!

Bentley Race is a very cool site from a cool guy from Down Under. He manages to find some really interesting and hot amateur men that often cannot be seen anywhere else. These guys are real amateurs and rarely become high profile porn stars. They’re all natural and many of them are truly straight. Do check out BentleyRace!


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Handsome Muscled Hunks Rego Bello & Devin Adams Flip-Flop Fucking Hard

by on Aug.14, 2017, under Men Over 30

Well, here we have two handsome boys, Rego Bello and Devin Adams. They both have boyfriends, but they enjoy getting horny with each other from time to time. Rego says he is perplexed as to why, but the sex with Devin always turns out to be fantastic.

So, after some small talk, the boys whip out their hard dicks and Devin starts servicing Rego’s huge pole. Rego then returns the favor by giving Devin a well-deserved blowjob. With the rest of their clothes now gone, the two studs assume the classic 69 position and feast on each other’s hard cock. After some more time Devin wants to eat Rego’s ass and rims him nice and long.

Devin then bends over Rego and fucks him nice and hard. They change two position, and then when Rego was just about to cum, Devin pulls out and says he wants Rego to fuck his ass now. Devin first sits on Rego’s huge dick and rides it like a cowboy, then he lies on his back while Rego plows his ass from behind. Rego’s aggressive thrusts were enough to fuck the cum out of Devin’s balls. Not long aftet that Rego pulls out and shoots his load all over Devin’s hot body.

And while this “Cheating Lovers” episode is definitely not commendable from a moral standpoint, it’s still just a fictional story just like all other porn, and these two boys are hot, hot, hot!

Preview video:

Click here to watch their whole video in perfect HD quality at MenOver30!

Menover30 is a great site for lovers of more mature and masculine guys in their prime years! If you are into the real masculine men having sex with each other, than this is the site for you!


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Vander Fucks & Breeds Caspar’s Ass With His Massive Raw Cock

by on Aug.13, 2017, under Chaosmen

Caspar is a really big and tall dude – a real mountain of man. And it was only natural to pair him with Vander, who is equally muscular and decently tall. Not to mention Vander’s monster cock! Actually, the director from Chaosmen was a little worried if Caspar would be able to take Vander’s large thick dick…

And as you’d expect, Caspar did have some issues getting that huge Vander’s cock in his ass: there was squirming and funny faces. And then Vander can lose his erection if the guy he fucks is having issues with taking his cock in his ass.. But, notwithstanding these initial difficulties, this video is full of hot, aggressive man sex.

Somewhat later the guys switch roles and then Casper fucks Vander… and then again Vander sits on Caspar’s pole and rides it with gusto!

Vander seems most at home when he’s getting fucked, and he can cum easily. But Vander really wanted to breed Caspar, and as you can see he got his wish fulfilled: he shot a big load all over Caspar’s ass crack. Caspar then returns the favor by dumping his load into Vander’s mouth. Quite a nice and passionate flip-flop fuck scene with two muscular and very hung guys.

Preview video:

Check out their entire video in HD quality at Chaosmen.

Chaosmen is a great porn site that features hot straight and bi men getting serviced or fucking their mates bareback for some cash. This site is exceptional and very unique because almost every single fucking is bareback and ends with a gorgeous internal cumshot or creampie.




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