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Round-The-World Service

by on Dec.13, 2009, under New York Straight Men

DSCN17201 DSCN1684

Our Hot and Hairy Turkish friend contacted us needing, as he puts it ” round the world service” that is a straight term for blowjob plus a rimjob. Barak explained that he broke up with the two girls that he had been fucking and is in a bit of a dry spell.

He just wanted for someone to suck his cock and lick his asshole. He told us that if we can get a girl to do it, that would be the best but he was willing to settle for a guy…

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Firefighter Maddock Ravages Marine’s Tight Ass

by on Dec.11, 2009, under All American Heroes

1 Maddocksamfuck_20

A Firefighter and a marine walk into a room. They have idle chatter and walk out with grins on their satisfied faces. What happened during the time between? A marine had a wild ride on a firefighter. That’s right, when Sam met up with hunky Firefighter Maddock, Maddock was bound to have his first fuck with a guy. Who better to show this young hottie than the older, more experienced Sam?

Sam showed Maddock how to suck …

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Sucking Scott

by on Dec.09, 2009, under New York Straight Men


Meet Scott! He just turned 30 years old and is a truck driver delivering plumbing supplies in New York, Connecticut and New Jersey. Although Scott does mostly day trips, he is behind the wheel for sometimes as much as 14 hours a day. That doesn’t leave him much time anything else besides sleep. Needless to say Scott is always looking to get his cock sucked. There are a few girls that he dates and has even lived with, but…

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Daniel Strokes His Huge Cock

by on Dec.08, 2009, under SpunkWorthy

Daniel_01 Daniel_05

Daniel is one of those smaller-framed guys who was blessed with a big ol’ cock. I’m not sure how that happens, but sure am glad it does!

Daniel is 22, a California native, and straight. Although he’s messed around with a guy at least once before, so obviously there’s some wiggle room in the boundaries. He’s got a tight body and some of the biggest brown eyes I’ve ever seen.

This started…

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Straight Boy Paulie Gets His Cock Serviced

by on Dec.07, 2009, under Str8boyzseduced

After playing for the camera Paulie strips down and waits for the service to begin. He a little ornery today but he quickly settles down when I take his cock in my mouth. I take out my stiff rod and after we engage in a cock fight I poke Mr. Bill in his face and this time Paulie licks the shaft and head a little longer than usual. He much prefers that I give him more head so I oblige and he soon blows a wad on my lips. Paulie start jerking…

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Our Cocksucker Blows Cory’s Stiff Cock

by on Dec.07, 2009, under Str8boyzseduced

Cory’s bitchin’ about something as he arrives but he soon gets undressed, lights a cigarette and grabs the remote control. He hasn’t nutted in 2 days so his huge cock quickly comes to life and I go to work on it as he loses himself in the porno. I bring him close several times but when he’s ready to nut Cory grabs my head and pushes it down hard on his cock as he blows his load in my mouth. As I clean him up he lights a cigarette…

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Stripshow With Straight Stud Chris

by on Dec.05, 2009, under Maskurbate

StripShow_Chris_02 StripShow_Chris_25

My friend Chris is an amazing dancer. I invited him to my place to perform a strip show in front of my camera.
I left the room and when I came back, he was in his underwear, his 8 incher showing stiffer than ever.
I sat down, he approached me then let me worship his smooth muscular body.


Why not watch the whole thing? Visit Maskurbate for many more masked straight studs!

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Jamison is All Man

by on Dec.05, 2009, under Straight Fraternity

01 20

Jamison is a quiet and shy (but extremely hot) Southern boy who was as nervous as a whore in church about doing a shoot. His cousin came in for a shoot and brought Jamison with him for a while, I realized why he looked so familiar – he looks exactly like Dermot Mulrony (from My Best Friend’s Wedding) with a goatee. Only BETTER because this guy is naked on my bed. I oiled him down and was getting nervous myself about…

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Mark and His 8-Incher

by on Dec.04, 2009, under SpunkWorthy

Mark01 Mark05

I met Mark down at the beach here in San Diego and gave him my, “How’d ya like to do porn?” line. Luckily he was interested. And luckily he had turned 18y/o just three days earlier!

Mark’s a total hottie, but what I didn’t expect was to see an 8-inch dick flop out of his pants. On his tight swimmer’s build it looks HUGE. I made sure to measure it and get a little perv grab in there.

Mark delivers…

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Phillip’s Helping Hand

by on Dec.04, 2009, under SpunkWorthy

Phillip-hh_01 Phillip-hh_05

SInce turning 21, Phillip was determined to “make up for lost time” and as part of that, he decided to go for his first handjob from a guy. He’s got a whopper 8″ cock that I couldn’t wait to wrap my hands around!

Phillip was pretty quiet during the shoot and looked a little nervous. But he didn’t have any trouble keeping it up. He even gave me a little tip he thought would make him shoot …

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