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Ripped, Hung Redneck Stud Darin Fucks Beefy Bodybuilder Brayden Hard & Deep

by on Nov.26, 2015, under BaitBuddies

Brayden is a beefy, muscular stud and this is his third appearance on this site. This time round, he comes as a more seasoned, experienced of the two guys and will play the bait. He is only 27 and just when he started out his porn career, his mind was filled with the desire to fuck some hot Latina pussy, thus putting his thick 8-inch monster cock to good use. My, my… how things have changed! Instead of hot Latina pussies, he’s more interested in fucking other guys these days, although pussy still remains in his sphere of interest. It turns out that Brayden really liked sex with guys, so much so in fact that he told the casting director he would like to repeat the experience. Brayden then brought Zaq, whom he described as "a gay training client", but it turned out that Zaq is actually straight as an arrow, despite his metrosexual looks. Zaq fucked Brayden very nice and hard, and I suspect Brayden liked that even more than topping guys. I suspect that Brayden and Zaq met each other at least once again after the shoot, to repeat the experience!

Brayden understands that he’s not a newbie anymore and that that has its perks, such as, he can be a bait and lure some new straight guy into giving gay sex a try. Unsurprisingly, Brayden is very much into this idea. Brayden is especially into having sex with other straight guys because, as he explains it, straight guys find gay sex so new, and the whole thing can be more exciting. Additionally, Brayden thinks that straight men are more masculine and tough, which is a further turn-on for him. Brayden’s perfect guy should have plenty of hard muscles and be tough and rough, emanating masculinity all around himself. Well, we knew that Darin would fit the bill perfectly!

Darin is a bodybuilder with beautiful, deep blue eyes and big fat 7,5-inch dick. Darin grew up in Kentucky, although he’s originally from Miami, but this combo does make him a bit of a redneck, which is just how we like ’em. His body is impeccably muscular and his muscles are hard and strong and ripped. However, his mindset leans more toward conservative views. So for instance, when the casting director asked him whether he had ever filmed himself fucking some girl (amateur video), he was flabbergasted to have even heard such a question… he would never do such a thing. Furthermore, it seems that Darin is not quite aware of how good he looks, he appears to be only partially conscious of his sexual appeal, which of course makes for a perfect amateur porn actor.

Darin himself thinks that he will make a good porn actor because his sex drive is always high and he would like to fuck women all day long, if he ever got that chance. So the casting director tells the boys to take off their clothes and soon enough they’re both butt naked and with a raging hard-on. When both boys are fully empowered and hard, the casting director brings the "sad news" about the missing girl. As the screenplay usually goes in these cases, a double amount of money is offered, and the boys can hardly refuse such a generous offer. After all, the erect dick looks inviting and strangely enticing, even if you’re a straight man. Dorin is still struggling with it, though, and says "Oh man! I don’t know about that one!". The casting director and Brayden work together to persuade him into giving it a try. His sexuality or straightness is not going to be put into question – it’s just for the money. And straight guys like money like anyone else, especially if they have a money-greedy girlfriend!

By this time, from all the philosophical (ha!) discussion in the room, Darin’s cock is already limp , so Brayden comes to its rescue and provides an instant handjob. Brayden takes Dorin’s hand and puts it onto his cock (sometimes you just have to show them step by step, wink wink). Brayden’s handjob doesn’t appear to do much for Darin’s cock, though. Brayden knows full well what is expected of him now, he must get on his knees and suck that man’s cock and bring it to life! Pay attention to Darin’s face expressions while he is getting his first gay blowjob, it’s priceless. In case you didn’t notice, Brayden is an inborn, talented cocksucker whose skills are far above the average. Then the two guys kiss each other, which is an especially interesting and crucial stage because, just as we expected, that’s the point where our big straight boy Darin literally melted into that kiss with Brayden. Something clicked in Darin’s mind and from that point onwards, there was a pure sexual passion between these two. Darin even starts to massage and caress Brayden’s ripped body, which I suspect is something that every man, regardless of sexual orientation, would like to check out: how another dude’s body feels like when touched and caressed sensually. And also probably there’s a question: how do girls experience a man’s ripped body when in bed. Nothing wrong with all those questions, the male sexuality is more fluid than what people usually think.

Darin is then instructed to give it a try and suck Brayden’s cock a little. Darin hesitates a little, but then gets on his knees and takes it in his mouth. Brayden’s cock is pretty big – more than 8 inches of thick hard male meat, and considering this size Darin did pretty well.

Now it’s time for Brayden’s asshole to get a well-deserved stretching! Darin didn’t think twice before shoving his cock deep into that ass. Darin penetrates it in one go and starts fucking Brayden mercilessly with his big rod pretty fast and deep. For Darin it was like fucking a cheap whore, pushing it harder and deeper inside. Brayden screamed and moaned like a madman getting his first big dick. The guys change position and now Darin takes Brayden’s legs and pushes them into air, then penetrates him from above.  Damn these country boys really know how to fuck an ass, don’t they!

Within minutes Brayden screams "you’re going to make me cum quick!" and that’s just how it happened. After a few moments Brayden can’t hold it any longer and shoots a rather copious load all over his body. Brayden encourages his buddy to finish the job and fuck him until he cums too. It seems Darin didn’t even need this suggestion, because he kept ramming his big cock into that ass without letting down. He removes the condom and shoots his load which hits Braden all over his body. Darin was so blown away by this orgasm that he told us "he almost came a second time". Well, who would have thought that! Another great straight boy experiences the joys of man-on-man sex, and it didn’t feel wrong either!


Preview video:

Click here to watch their complete video in HD quality at Bait Buddies!

Bait Buddies is a pretty hot straight guy site with plenty of updates and some very hot guys indeed. There is always a “bait” dude who is bi or gay, and a straight (or sometimes “straight”) dude who needs to be seduced into gay sex.


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Two Exotic Masculine Bodybuilders Showing Off

by on Jan.07, 2013, under MuscleHunks

From time to time I just have to treat myself to something good, such as hot muscle studs. These two arrogant but beautiful straight bodybuilders are a fantastic match for my mood today.

The first one hails from Uruguay and goes by the name Macho Nacho. He is a passionate bodybuilder and I wouldn’t really call him modest. This self-important straight motherfucker likes to show off, and has a definite macho attitude.

This time he wanted to make a special treat for his fans so he took us to the gym to show us his typical workout. The workout itself was sweaty, hot and muscle-driven showy male show for the devotees and we really like it that way. Our proud bodybuilder gives us his posing routine and then spanks his monkey to finish off the perfect day. Damn, gotta love them bodybuilders, all self-absorbed, and hot.

The second stud’s name is Gianluigi Volti and he is a typical Sicilian muscle stud with a handsome face and long, stiff cock. Gianluigi is arrogant as well, and has that typical sicilian macho attitude. He is a perfectionist and likes his muscles to look perfect even when they’re not being flexed. 

Gianluigi is a lone wolf and likes to do everything on his own, hoping that the results will speak for themselves, which is usually the case. His main male gun is huge and stiff, and even if his muscles don’t impress you, his cock surely will! His load was pretty copious too.

Macho Nacho



Gianluigi Volti


Preview videos:

Click here to download Macho Nacho and Gianluigi Volti’s entire photosets and videos in HD quality at MuscleHunks!


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ManAvenue – Personal Trainer John Seduces His Hot Student Duayne

by on Oct.15, 2012, under Manavenue

Personal trainer John has a very hot, manly and muscular student, Duayne. As a personal trainer John wants to teach him the proper posing routine and positions.

However, men being men, which means being able to get horny so fast, they couldn’t just leave it at that. Soon enough John reveals that he has some other intentions with his hot muscular student.

The training lesson appeared to go well, when suddenly John grabs Duayne’s dick through the shorts. Only a few seconds after that the trainer is on his knees sucking Duayne’s big hard dick. After all, it’s also a part of the flexing routine!

After servicing his student, John prostrates on his back, and spreads his legs wide apart, awaiting for that big dick to penetrate his little ass. Duayne wasn’t particularly gentle and fucked John mercilessly. Poor teacher could only swivel around, as if he has been impaled on Duayne’s massive tool!


Preview video:

Click here to watch his entire video in perfect HD quality at Manavenue!

Manavenue is an exceptionally good porn website that features masculine, cocky, muscled, powerful straight men, the type of guys that grab your attention while you’re secretly ogling them in the street or in a supermarket. These tough motherfuckers are aware of their sexual appeal and want to show you everything they’ve got.

Banner 500 X 250 copy

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Chaosmen – Clyde Barebacks & Breeds Solomon

by on Feb.19, 2012, under Chaosmen

Clyde is a hot young straight dude and like most first-timers he just wants to Top and he doesn’t want to suck dick. We’ve already seen that. But in time they learn a thing or two!

Clyde wasn’t very sure about doing this shoot. He loves banging girls or getting blowjobs from girls, but he couldn’t imagine himself with another man.

On the other hand, Solomon has already bottomed and I knew that he’d have no problems accommodating Clyde’s huge cock. Actually I wanted this to be the real creampie video. You see, not every creampie is a real creampie. Often guys just cum on the surface of another guy’s ass and we call that a creampie, but strictly speaking it’s not. Only when a dude cums deep inside an ass or pussy, do we call that a creampie. This is the real deal.

Clyde wasn’t very tender while he was fucking Solomon. As for describing his style of fucking, “Jack-hammer” comes to mind. Poor Solomon, he must have been in real pain. But then again, Solomon likes pain. He is a sadomasochist, if you didn’t know.

Solomon has made significant progress since his first videos. He can now suck a man’s cock even without flavored lube (that was my little secret trick to lure him into blowjobs). It seems he really likes sucking dick now, he had a sort of an epiphany while he was giving head and now he “understands”.

I think it also helped that Clyde was in such a great shape. I mean look at him, the guy is bursting with muscles and can crush anything and anyone with his strength. Clyde was hard throughout the shoot and I somehow doubt that this guy’s cock ever gets limp. Solomon certainly got the fuck of his life, at the receiving end of that iron-hard rod.

It wasn’t easy to decipher whether Solomon was in pain or extreme pleasure. He moans and writhes, but does he like it? Does he enjoy it? I don’t know because he also likes pain, so it could be both.

When I lowered the camera on the ground, I could see Solomon tossing and biting the pillows… What could that mean? Ha! Eventually Solomon begins to stroke his own cock and soon enough he shoots his load.

Clyde said he could cum too, if he just continues to fuck Solomon. Not long after that he unloads completely inside Solomon – yep that’s a real creampie.


Short preview video:

Click here to watch their entire video in perfect HD quality at Chaosmen!

Chaosmen is a great porn site that features hot straight and bi men getting serviced or fucking their mates bareback for some cash. This site is exceptional and very unique because almost every single fucking is bareback and ends with gorgeous internal cumshot or creampie.


WARNING: This post contains descriptions and footage of bareback (unprotected) sex. Please be advised that this site does not encourage or condone bareback sex unless the participants are tested, live in a monogamous relationship and/or are fully aware of the dangers of acquiring HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases through practicing sex without condoms.

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Manifest Men – Muscular Mofos Mike Buffalari & Vic Rocco Showing Off

by on Aug.16, 2011, under Manifest Men

I would like to show you a couple of really manly men from ManifestMen: Mike Buffalari and Vic Rocco. These are some short video clips of them but you can beat off to their HD videos from ManifestMen plus many many more masculine, muscular men. 

Preview videos:

Mike Buffalari Blue

Vic Rocco Shower

Click here to watch their entire videos in perfect HD quality at
Manifest Men!

Manifest Men is a great porn site devoted to the lovers of muscular Gods of masculinity! These bad boys know that they’re fucking gorgeous and want to show off their awesome body to the whole world. Check them out on Manifest Men!

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Two Superhard Studs Bone Each Other

by on Apr.16, 2010, under BaitBuddies

Brock is a professional PGA golfer and a certified Scuba diver and a dedicated bodybuilder. Whether on land or sea he is one sexy man and perhaps the sexiest man with a shaved, smooth head that we have ever laid eyes on. A smattering of tattoos, HUGE ripped body, 18 inch guns,a thick, meaty cock and a gorgeous smile all combine to create a true masculine stud in our eyes!

Rusty Stevens is the big man on campus and I mean BIG – Bodybuilder HUGE! He`s tall, handsome, ripped from head to toe and sports a 16 inch set of guns! Rusty started out in the industry totally straight and with a girlfriend but it wasn`t long until the money got the best of him. Now a Gay 4 Pay pro, he`s just the man to use as our new bait.

The jig is up, the girl didn`t show once again (we have to hire more reliable girls – LOL)and we were more than ready to see what gay mischief we could get these two muscle boys up to. It was easy enough to get our Bait to go down on Brock`s hot bodybuilder penis, but when the tables were turned we had to prod poor straight, Brock into sucking Rusty`s cock by starting with a lick or two and telling him "Just pretend it`s a lollipop." Watch and see how we bring big, massive Brock to his knees!


Click here to see the rest of this glorious fucking scene and how Rusty takes Brock’s massive hard cock up his ass like a champ!

Baitbuddies is a fantastic site that features straight and gay for pay studs which find themselves in odd situations.

Just how far will he go… when the girl doesn’t show?

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