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Introducing A New Fetish Site – Strip Search Hell

by on Jan.22, 2016, under StripSearchHell

Well, if you like watching hot muscular convicts in awkward situations, such as cavity searches, mandatory ice-cold public showers and jail discipline, you’re gonna love this new site!

These guys have obtained some exclusive material that was shot in real jails. We get to watch all these rough convicts totally nude, made to be obedient and allow the cops to search their private parts. The uniformed cops are far from gentle, they seem to enjoy their work a lot and especially find pleasure in inflicting systematic punishment and humiliation to young and tough but feisty prisoners!

Let’s see their promo trailer that features some of the cases that these nasty, pervy policeman had to deal with…


Preview video:

Watch these pervy uniformed men in their entire video in HD quality at Strip Search Hell.

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Straight Inmate Kasper Must Endure Ass-Stretching Inspection

by on May.23, 2014, under CMNM

As days go by new prisoner Kasper realizes more and more that his new situation is not very favorable. He already realized he was in trouble and you can see some of his first encounters with the pervy prison staff here. He thought he could tough it out but this pervy doctor and prison guard proved to be much kinkier bastards than he could ever imagine.

The doctor and prison guard give out orders to Kasper and he must obey them. They tell him he must bend over and expose his ass so they can examine it with some weird tools. Whenever Kasper tries to retaliate and yell at his new masters, he gets reprimanded severely and the inspections get even harder.

Kasper’s virgin straight asshole gets stretched with a special instrument, but although painful – and especially mortifying for his big male ego – Kasper must stoically endure this predicament he found himself in. The alternative to that is being sent to solitary, and nobody wants that. So the pervy doctor and prison guard are free to do their kinky experiments and feast their eyes on Kasper’s stretched virgin straight arsehole.


Preview video:

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Clothed Male / Naked Male (CMNM) is a superhot porn site where Nervous straight guys get stripped naked, groped and violated by fully clothed men.

There’s nothing better than stripping straight lads completely nude, putting their bodies on display, and teaching them exactly how to submit! When they are in such a submissive position, one would be crazy not to use the opportunity and jerk them off!


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Str8 to Gay – Phenix Makes Parker His Own Bitch ("Behind Bars")

by on Jul.05, 2012, under Men Dot Com, Str8 to Gay

We present you a new mini-series called “Behind Bars”. It features several interviews with criminal offenders who were sentenced to jail.

In this first episode Parker London is interviewed and explains how his cell mate Phenix Saint made him his own personal bitch as soon as they met. As soon as the two men exchanged a few words Phenix made it clear that Parker’s ass will be his property from then on.

Phenix fucks Parker every day and does it roughly, but Parker got used to it over time and I think he even began to like it, especially when he gets completely covered in cum whenever Phenix releases his load, to “mark the territory”. 


Preview video:

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Str8 to gay is a brand new site – a part of the MEN.COM family of sites – that explores situations when a straight guy is dissatisfied with his girl or wife. Would his gay buddy do a better job where his wife has failed? Of course he would!


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Drill My Hole – Ricky Sinz Manhandles His Prison Bitch

by on Feb.01, 2012, under Drill My Hole

Young and inexperienced Billy Byron was in the wrong place and wrong time and now he is sentenced to the prison sentence. The prison guard takes him in his cell where muscled, studly and aggressive Ricky Sinz awaits his new roommate. Billy couldn’t get a worse roommate because Ricky is constantly horny and needs a prison bitch more than anything else.

Ricky is a hardcore criminal and doesn’t care about the feeling of this tender boy. He just wants to stick his big hard dick in Billy’s ass and have his way with him.

Ricky thinks that Billy’s tight ass is at least worth a pack of cigs but of course first he will have to inspect and test it by himself. Ricky manhandles Billy and soon enough we can witness some really aggressive and hot fucking in the prison cell.


Short preview video:

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Drill My Hole is a brand new porn site from the owners of MEN.COM and it features rough men who like to fuck their bottoms hard and very aggressively. These usually straight bad ass dudes can really drill holes in a virgin man ass. Lots of high quality HD videos inside!


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Drill My Hole – Prison Guard Punishes Inmates (The Slammer)

by on Oct.21, 2011, under Drill My Hole, Men Dot Com

We have three very bad boys here: Philip Aubrey, Gavin Waters and ever naughty Cliff Jensen. They were convicted of stealing and are sent to the slammer. Christian Wilde is their prison guard and takes care of whatever needs to be done with the new inmates. They have to pay their debt to the society and he won’t hesitate to use his 8-inch police club to make sure that everything goes as planned.

Two of the inmates, Gavin and Philip, immediately crash and go to sleep, tired from the previous day. But Cliff is rock hard, Christian patted him on his ass when escorting him to his cell this evening and, try as he may, he can’t get that out of his mind. Christian yells at them “Shut the fuck up and go to sleep!”, but it doesn’t help with Cliff’s rock hard erection that doesn’t want to go away. He knows he won’t be able to go to sleep until he’s got his nuts emptied at least once today.

So Cliff begins to jerk off his hard meat slowly and just doesn’t give a damn what might be the consequences. Christian sees what Cliff is doing while on a routine inspection and he is unable to resist the temptation. He enters the cell and takes Cliff’s hard monster cock in his mouth, giving it a long overdue blowjob. He rubs Cliff’s chest and balls at the same time.

Christian takes out his own cock and Cliff takes it in his mouth the same second. Christian’s cock has a really big cockhead. Cliff is doing such a great job at sucking his cock that he’s already thinking about how to keep this perfect cocksucker for the rest of his life.

Now, the main problem arises. Cliff wants to fuck Christian and Christian also wants to fuck Cliff. But they’re both tops, so what are they going to do? Cliff has an idea and points to the obvious solution – the two other inmates that are now asleep. They need and can take all the necessary fucking.

Cliff wakes up Philip and stuffs his big cock mercilessly into his mouth. No explanations, just brute force. Very close to them Christian begins to insert his big schlong into Gavin’s mouth. He orders Gavin to watch for how much spit ends up on his cock, it all has to be perfect.

Phillip proved to be a fantastic cocksucker, Cliff almost blew his load thanks to Gavin’s cocksucking skills. But it’s time to get fucked now. These bottom guys need their asses stuffed with hard cocks.

Christian orders the two bottom guys to get on their knees and stand next to each other on a single bed. Then the two aggressive fuckers fuck the lucky prison inmates. No doubt this can be nominated for the best prison fuck this year!


Short preview video:

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Drill My Hole is a brand new porn site from the owners of MEN.COM and it features rough men who like to fuck their bottoms hard and very aggressively. These usually straight bad ass dudes can really drill holes in a virgin man ass. Lots of high quality HD videos inside!


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Scott Campbell & Jake Steel – Hot Fucking in Prison

by on Sep.25, 2010, under Men Hard At Work

What better way to pass the time in prison than a little jerk off? That’s what Scott Campbell was thinking.

The prison guard, Jake Steel, just happens to be doing rounds and stumbles upon Scott. Rather than let Scott have all the fun, Jake needs to teach this prisoner a lesson.


Short preview video:

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Men Hard At Work is a great porn website that features men in their work suits having a bit of hot fun during the work hours!

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