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Muscleman Bruce Ford Shows Off His Ripped Body & Strokes His Huge Stiff Cock

by on Mar.20, 2014, under Manavenue

beefybaldbrucefullepisodewmvhd112 beefybaldbrucefullepisodewmvhd606

Oh man… I really needed this to lighten up my day! Bruce Ford is a very hot, beefy and muscled stud who decided to drop by and do some showing off and stroke that big tool of his for us.

The camera first finds Bruce while he’s fucking around the house in his gym shorts, occasionally rubbing his growing cock through the shorts. He keeps on flexing his big muscles and does some push ups to warm up a bit.

Then he rubs his…

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Very Handsome Muscled Straight Man Luke Cums Twice

by on Feb.25, 2014, under Manavenue

22 03

A couple years before I started this blog the guys at Manavenue made this hot update with muscled straight stud Luke. I wanted to feature him several times but always got distracted by something else. So when the guys at Manavenue decided to make a new remastered widescreen version from the older recording, it was a perfect opportunity for me to feature this superhot masculine hunk here on Roughstraightmen.

We first see…

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Morning Wankoff With Hot Muscled Jason Boss

by on Dec.08, 2013, under Manavenue

03 15

Jason Boss is a hunky muscled straight dude. We found him in his flat where he wanted to show us his lean ripped body and that big stiff cock.

He wants to take a glass of water and goes to the kitchen. He sits right there in the kitchen stretching his arms lazily, then he starts to rub and massage the bulge in his underwear. It must be one of those glorious morning glories after a good night’s sleep. But, he’s not yet…

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Juice Flexes His Muscles & Swaggers With His Big Boner

by on Aug.17, 2013, under Manavenue

03 01

Juice is our old friend – actually he was one of the first models to appear on Manavenue. He is always eager to show off naked and walk around with his beautiful stiff boner.

Today he was especially in the mood for showing off, and he was so horny that as soon as his gym shorts were gone his cock was fully erect and pointed at the ceiling.

After the initial showing off, he makes himself confortable in the bed and starts to …

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Hot EMT Rescuer Carlos Shows Off His Muscles & Big Hard Cock

by on Jul.17, 2013, under Manavenue

03 07

This is a classic episode with Carlos, who works in the EMT in their rescue team. But, judging from the Carlos’ dick and his raging erection, this emergency call is from someone who needs to get off, ASAP!

This masculine and very muscled dude soon grabs his cock and manhandles it in his own way, jerking it in all directions. The nasty motherfucker wants to show us every inch of his hard dick and walks around with a boner.…

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Manavenue – Hairy Straight Stud Sebastian Steel Encore

by on Nov.24, 2012, under Manavenue

02 09

The feedback we got from you regarding the first appearance of hot, hairy, straight stud Sebastian Steel was fantastic. Therefore, we thought it would be great to have him back for at least one more jerkoff session, so that we can appreciate his manly hairy body and that big rod he’s got between his legs.

When we arrived at the apartment where we film our men, Sebastian was chilling out on the balcony, slowly rubbing…

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Manavenue – Muscle God Milos Zambo Shows Off His Heavenly Muscles

by on Sep.03, 2012, under Manavenue

01 07

To be honest with you, guys with big muscles really turn me on more than anything else. Not the bodybuilder types with unnatural muscles but guys that have just the right amount. When I see those big biceps like mountains and perfect chest I just melt and continue to stare at the muscle stud with a smile on my face, while my dick gets hard like a rock.

Milos Zambo is a Czech muscle god who certainly fits in the description. He first…

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Manavenue – Cocky Naked Straight Guy Will Evans Shows Off

by on Aug.01, 2012, under Manavenue

04 09

Don’t you just love it when you see a cocky guy in the street? I mean that hot bad boy that’s got just about a perfect body and you can tell he wants you to notice him. Let’s see how Will Evans does a cocky naked guy!

We first saw Will Evans several weeks ago in his debut video "Followed". Today we see him again in the role where he feels most at home – the cocky guy on the street.

First he is jogging…

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Manavenue – Hairy Masculine Trevor Gambino Plays With His Huge Fat Dick

by on Jun.02, 2012, under Manavenue

01 30

Today’s super hot straight man is Trevor Gambino and he’s just about as perfect as they get. I mean just take a look at those muscled hairy legs. Trevor says some of his ladies advise him to shave them off as well as the bush around his private parts, but all I can say to this is that those ladies are officially insane! Whoever cannot appreciate the full masculinity of a hairy man should not be allowed to give any advice on …

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ManAvenue – Cocky Latin Stud Robert Walks Around With Hard Boner

by on Sep.09, 2011, under Manavenue

05 18

The last time we saw Robert he was flexing his muscles after coming home from a nearby luxury beach. And he was fully erect during the entire shoot, which I found to be a major turn-on for me (besides the sunglasses on a guy!).

I just had to repeat the shoot with Robert, his erect and stiff cock is just too exciting and the whole thing is just so dirty and full of his macho but relaxed attitude.

To make the picture even more complete,…

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