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Aggressive Straight Fucker Lucas Weston Fucks The Cum Out Of Rex Wolfe

by on Jun.21, 2013, under BaitBuddies

We’ve already seen big, beefy and very confident Lucas Weston when he fucked Brandon Bael raw and bred his straight ass leaving a wonderful creampie. You can read more about that here.

This time round Lucas Weston was really expecting that he’d fuck some chicks with Rex Wolfe, but, as it’s always the case with Bait Buddies, it turns out that the chick didn’t come. But what the hell, he can fuck his buddy Rex. However, more on that in a minute.

Lucas hails from Nashville, he plays guitar and even sings. He admits it’s mostly to impress the girls and he swears that it’s a fantastic lure for getting them into bed. Damn, what these straight men have to do to get someone into bed, things are so much simpler with guys, don’t ya think

Lucas is one of those guys next door who you can’t stop thinking about, and you’re always turned on by him whenever you start thinking about the size of his cock. Is it huge, average or small. Nah. small it can’t be, he’s such a stud.

Anyway, we called our old bait boy Rex Wolfe who has a special penchant for young straight boys, just the likes of Lucas. Rex has helped us many times before with hot and hung straight guys. Who can forget his masterful handling of all those big straight cocks in the past. Rex himself is very hung. With almost 9 inches (23 cm) he is certainly a big boy.

Lucas Weston’s cock measures about 8 inches (20 cm) and so far it has been used mostly to plow pussies. Today he was convinced that he’d be fucking a girl but things changed a bit and he ended up fucking Rex. Rex was so turned on by Lucas and his aggressive fucking that actually Lucas managed to fuck the cum out of Rex, something that doesn’t happen that often.

So, I tell the boys to get naked and hard. As soon as they did that, I went to another room to get the girl. While I was away Rex used the opportunity to chat up with Lucas and make him horny by discussing the straight porno that was on the video. When I got back, I deliver the unpleasant news that the girl won’t be coming, and that the only way the boys cam earn money is to fuck each other.

Lucas got angry and wanted to leave, probably to defend his "straightness", but I again mention how much more money they could make if they fuck each other instead of the girl. Even if he’s a straight motherfucker, Lucas is still a laid-back and easy-going dude and soon enough he calms down. Then he said he wanted to tell us something he kept as a secret for so many years: when he was just into the puberty he used to suck his own cock (wow, I’d love to see that!).

Lucas starts sucking on Rex’s huge pole and gives him a decent blowjob. Rex loved every minute of it. Then Rex returns the favor and sucks this straight boy’s hard dick.

Lucas started to fuck Rex and if Rex had thought that Lucas would be gentle, he was wrong! Lucas fucked Rex as if Rex was some girl with a pussy, he wasn’t gentle at all. However, after the initial shock, Rex quickly recovers and starts enjoying this hard pounding.

Then, Rex lies on his back and wants to simulate the missionary pose that women usually take with their man. This caused Lucas to become even more aggressive and within several minutes he fucked the cum out of Rex which shot with such force that it spunked Rex’s entire chest and some of the squirts went all the way to the couch behind them.

Lucas pulled out and removed his rubber. He later told us that that’s the way he likes to cum when he’s fucking his girls too. Lucas says he also likes the feeling when his balls are hitting the pussy and make that splashing subdued sound. He jerks off and shoots his load all over Rex, who, as a result of this remained completely covered in messy cum.

After the fucking was over, I told them to go to the bathroom and take a shower together.


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