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Arrogant Hetero Sportsman Darren Brutally Punished By His Vicious Teammates

by on Dec.28, 2013, under BreederFuckers

Darren is a rough straight sportsman and a proud father. He has that attitude of a conceited, arrogant and often violent athlete who guards his heterosexuality a bit too much. He never even allows his teammates to check out his hot naked body or when someone wants to check out his cock at the urinal – he reprimands them harshly and speaks all kinds of derogatory things about them, such as shouting "you fucking fags" etc. when they just want to show appreciation for his masculinity. Oh well, it’s time that this arrogant son of the bitch paid his price for being such a conceited close-minded prick.

Darren keeps telling everyone that his body only belongs to his wife, and that he doesn’t allow even occasional glances from other men. Damn, that’s really fucked up, and the boys from Darren’s team though so, too! To teach him the virtue of generosity, his teammates tie him up, put him in the shackles, gag his dirty mouth that continually spews out nastiness. Now he can’t even tell anyone to fuck off, which is his favorite way of dealing with inquisitive male eyes.

Dave and Adrian decided to play a game of good and bad cop. They cut away his clothes because this hot stud really doesn’t need any clothes. He should be always naked and at other men’s disposal.

Now Dave puts a rope around Darren’s neck in order to put his breathing under control and starts flogging his naked body so hard that after a few minutes it’s glowing red. On the other hand, Adrian focuses on tugging and groping Darren’s cock until it involuntarily becomes fully erect. Adrian also plays with Darren’s virgin straight hole. This is all to teach Darren to respect and value the touch of other men and get used to sharing his body with them. Arrogant straight men should be trained to be more humble, more generous and cooperative with other men.


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