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Rough & Hung Straight Dude Jake Has His First Gay Experience

by on Dec.03, 2013, under BaitBuddies

Jake is a hot, sexy straight lad with a beautiful muscled body and a 8-inch cock to match. He admits he is fond of MILFs so he likes to fuck mature ladies with big tits. However, today we paired him with somebody who is certainly not a MILF… Zach is our bait gay boy who likes straight dudes better than anything else. Unfortunately, Zach says that it’s not easy to get a truly straight guy for sex, and that’s one of the reasons he likes to watch movies on our site.

The boys start off by taking off their clothes and the director immediately noticed that Jake has quite a bit of tattoos on his chest and arm. Zach asks Jake whether he got those cool tattoos in the prison, because that’s how they really look like. Jake answers that he is "too pretty for prison" and – we agree. If he ever got into the prison, in all likelihood he would become Bubba’s bitch boy in no time, and forced to suck Bubba’s giant dong every day, and all this despite his rugged masculine looks. That’s just the way things are in jail.

Jake smiles, but he doesn’t know that in just a few minutes he’s going to be sucking Zach’s cock, which would be the very first time for this straight boy to suck another man’s dick. Only, the primary incentive for this unexpected experiment won’t be some nasty Bubba cell-mate but a considerable amount of cash that we’ve promised him.

So… the guys are sitting on the couch watching some pussy porno movie and getting their fuck sticks hard and ready. Then there is the usual "turn of events" when the straight guy (Jake in this case) learns that the girl that was supposed to come, won’t be coming at all. In short, the only way for these guys to make money – in fact much more money than what they could make if they had sex with the promised girl – is to have some kind of sex with each other.

Allegedly (hehe I still think it’s all staged, but what the heck), Jake doesn’t like the idea and is totally disgusted by the thought of it. However, he notices that Zach doesn’t mind trying something like that "just for the money" and the logical conclusion that this hot straight guy comes to is – "if he [Zach] can do it, I can do it too!"

The director tells them to suck each other off, and then fuck. Jake was adamant and bluntly refused to fuck with another guy. Actually, he refused both to get fucked and even to fuck another dude in the ass. The director tells him just to proceed and have some fun with Zach’s nice big rod.

Next thing, Zach takes Jake by the hand and puts it on his cock. Jake is still repulsed by the whole thing and pulls back. However, Jake realizes eventually that if he doesn’t cooperate he won’t get the money, and he likes money. That’s when Jake started to jerk off Zach’s dick and let himself go.

Then Zach begins to service Jake’s huge dick with a beautiful mushroom cockhead, and Jake didn’t have any complaints whatsoever about Zach’s cocksucking abilities! The director asks Jake to reciprocate and Jake starts sucking on Zach’s stick for some time. Then Zach kicks back on his back and lets Jake service his cock.

It was obvious that Jake was getting close to cumming, so he takes his dick firmly in his hand and starts wanking off like a madman while at the same time Zach licks and worships his muscled chest, pecs and nipples.

Now Jake is going to cum very soon, and Zach recognizes the signs that point to that. Zach bends down and offers his tongue as well. The boys kiss each other while Jake keeps on spanking his monkey. After the shoot Jake admitted that it felt pretty good while they were doing this!

Soon enough Jake starts shooting his load, and since his hand moved so quickly the cumshot was difficult to catch on the camera, but you can see a lot of his jizz dripping from his hand and prick. Zack felt inspired to get on his knees, straddle Jake and begin jerking off his own boner this led to a nice cumshot that landed all over Jake’s hairy thigh.

Jake was asked after the shoot if he’d do this all over again, and his answer was "If the price is right.". Well, I hope we’ve got another nice and hot straight boy in our arsenal. But next time, Jake will have to go all the way.


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