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Ripped Military Drill Instructor Justin Rubs One Out

by on Jan.28, 2014, under Island Studs

Justin is a superhot muscular military dude. This masculine straight man works as a military drill instructor in the Marines, but in his spare time he’s an avid surfer. He really likes to get naked (wearing only his sports shorts) and go to the public beach in Hawaii to spend an entire afternoon surfing.

Justin is 28 years old and weighs 185 lbs (84 kg) of ripped military muscle and his height is 5’9” (175 cm). If you’re wondering whether he’s hiding something as big inside his pants as you’re secretly hoping he is, then you’d be completely right – inside his shorts there is a rather huge and thick military cock!

Justin didn’t mind taking off his shorts and showing us his whole naked body. He just walks outside, takes off his shorts and lets us enjoy the view. Let me put it this way – if you ever wanted to see a buck naked military stud this is a perfect opportunity! I was thoroughly amused and turned on while I watched him paddling out to catch waves – completely naked!

I think you’ll agree with me that it would be a damn shame if this hot straight stud wasn’t photographed and videotaped for the future generations to enjoy. Anyway, let’s see what else he does in this video.

After he’s done with the surfing, he starts chatting with the cameraman and tells us something about his taste in women. For instance, for him there’s a difference what kind of women he likes to date and what kind of women he likes when he just wants to fuck them! Who would have thought? Lol. He says that and he proceeds to walk around the beach with an erection. We all know that nothing beats the sight of a hot, well-built man who walks around with his stiff boner!

After showing off a bit this cocky bastard starts stroking his cock with one hand, while still holding the surf board with the other. Justin even tried to take a leak in the sand, but, as it turns out, he wasn’t "inspired enough". Justin isn’t shy about showing us his naked hairy ass either – he kneels down and pushes his ass up in the air so we can see it from the best possible angle. This military man aims to please – in the best possible way.

He continues to stroke his dick, more passionately and at a faster pace now. His shredded, smooth upper muscles and abs are dancing to the tune of his cock-stroking. Justin even starts sweating a little as he’s approaching the point of no return. The true gentleman as he is, he politely announces that he’s about to cum. Next thing, we see him shooting a nice, thick load if creamy army jizz all over his thighs while moaning like a bull.

After spanking the monkey, Justin goes back to the sea, with his tool still erect and sticking out like a sword, and with plenty of cum still dripping down from it. He didn’t mind one bit that he was out there in front of unknown people and he even put on a little show for them.

I really liked this macho army dude, especially because of the hot aura of masculinity that he emanates all the time.


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