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Braggy Straight Lad Jaime Stripped Down & Inspected By Pervy Men

by on Mar.09, 2014, under CMNM

We’ve seen the first part of the movie about boastful straight lad Jaime (here). Today we’ll see what happened to him after he’s pissed off some nasty pervy men. These men don’t want to listen to his braggy monologues and decided to teach him a lesson in humility.

Jaime’s clothes are stripped away from him and he is forced to bend over a sink to allow the pervy men to probe his virgin straight ass. First the men spread his firm ass cheeks, then inspect his tight hole. The pervy men take turns examining the braggy fool, some of them grope his cock and nuts without any consideration about his feelings. The more the stupid hetero man protests, the more rudely the pervy men behave.

His hole is being invaded by numerous male hands and fingers, which makes this once boastful and proud lad wince and moan. All this happens in the toilet and the men from the dance floor can peek and see everything that’s going on inside the toilet. Nobody even attempts to stop this humiliation and everyone seems to be enjoying, judging by the men’s smirks and vicious smiles.


Preview video:

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