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A Bunch Of Frat Boys Fuck & Breed Long-Haired Dude Tom

by on Jul.24, 2015, under FraternityX

The text description we got from "Fratboy Tyler":

"The boys got wasted with beer on Sunday, and boy oh boy, you should have seen Tom! The long-haired punk got drunk like a fish, and when he gets drunk he starts talking in an effeminate way. Plus that long hair of his reminds me of my girlfriend… which is why we all humped him and fucked his sorry ass until he didn’t talk gibberish anymore. Have to admit, the dude sucks cock better than any girl, I guess he really liked getting stuffed in all his holes!"

Ben’s commentary:

Here’s yet another of those crazy dirty gangbangs from FraternityX. Check out what the boys were up to this time. The participants include: Tyler who is 23, bisexual, prefers to bottom (but here he tops), dick 7 inches uncut; Tom who is 22, bisexual, versatile and his dick measures 7 inches cut; Alex who is 22, doesn’t like labels, preferred role top, dick 8 inches cut; and Damion who is 21, straight, prefers to top, dick 8 inches cut.


Preview video:

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