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Short Swimmer Logan Gets Manhandled & Fucked By Big & Hung Doctor Wolf

by on Aug.01, 2019, under FunSizeBoys

Logan has been very busy in school: he’s one of the best known swimmers and he has to train hard every day of the week to keep his body in top shape. He hadn’t had a full physical exam in quite some time, so he’s kind of apprehensive now while he’s waiting in the waiting room.

As soon as Doctor Legrand Wolf enters the room, Logan can feel his heart racing and hundreds of naughty thoughts run through his head. Such as… how would it feel to be touched and manhandled by this huge, tall, muscular man?

As we shall see in this episode, Logan is soon to find out just that! Dr. Wolf checks Logan’s pulse, height, weight and even takes measurements around his body with a measuring tape. These things make Logan’s imagination run wild. And just when he thought things couldn’t get any more awkward, Dr. Wolf tells him that he must perform a prostate exam! Logan knows he must obey doctor’s orders and lets the doctor examine his smooth, super-tight asshole. Little by little, doctor’s finger starts examining and teasing Logan’s sphincter, and now Logan can feel that his cock has started growing uncontrollably!

Doctor Wolf is very satisfied with the healthy condition of Logan’s ass, but even more satisfied when he sees Logan’s revealing erection. He can’t help but start smiling at the boy’s predicament. “You seem to like it,” the doctor makes a passing remark about the boy’s erection. Logan blushes with embarrassment, but can’t help but feel that his erection is not going to go away any time soon.

Doctor takes Logan’s cock into his hand and gives it a little stroke at the underside. It’s Logan’s first time to feel a grown man’s hand on his cock, and thousands of naughty thoughts run through his mind. Logan doesn’t want it to stop, it’s like all of his wet dreams have come true!

Doctor Wolf slowly inserts his giant hard cock into Logan’s ass and starts fucking him nice, deep and hard. He manhandles Logan like a little toy, and Logan totally enjoys being treated roughly by this big muscular man! All he wants is to please the doctor and receive the doctor’s entire load into his ass.

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