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Muscular & Hairy Man Richard Gets Thoroughly Tested As A Debt Collector Officer

by on Sep.13, 2019, under CMNM

Richard is a hot, studly and bearded man. He spends a lot of his time at the gym because he wants to stay strong and have impressively big and hard muscles. He’s a tough guy who’s always on the lookout for trouble, telling insulting remarks to other people and trying to start a fight so he can prove his masculinity once again. Nobody fucks with Richard… or at least he thought so.

And while winning a fist fight might be something he’s really good at, his new job of a professional debt collector officer has proven to be much more demanding than he had anticipated previously. One has to have a fearless attitude, a strength of character and psychological stamina in addition to being physically strong. The nerves of steel are a given, as well.

Personnel officer Dave is in charge of testing the new debt collector officers and introducing them to the ins and outs of their new job. Dave is already keen on thoroughly examining this new meaty recruit. His main method consists of disarming the recruit of all of his clothes first, and then disarming him of his pride as well. The other handsome debt collector officer secretly ogles at what is happening to Richard. Will he join in the testing process? We’ll find out in the next episodes… (to be continued.)

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