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Brutal Tops – Two Cruel Sailors Have Their Revenge On Slutty Martin

by on Sep.28, 2012, under Brutal Tops

The troubles are far from over for the slutty sub Martin. He duped the two horny sailors into believing that he was a woman but when the sailors found out he was a little lowly sub they decided to teach him a lesson or two.

Sailors Derek and Nick are horny as hell, as you would expect sailors to be after many weeks at sea and no pussy. Now they have their hands on Martin and they will turn him into their little slutty bitch.

The sailors crop Martin’s ass until it glows red, then they urinate into his mouth, essentially using him as a urinal. Then the Cruel Masters force Martin to lick their feet and lick clean their spilt piss from their feet. Next are their stinky sailor’s boots. Martin is allowed only to use his tongue.

Derek is totally sweaty as he hasn’t taken a shower today. He forces Martin to sniff his sweaty body and then spreads his own ass cheeks and orders Martin to plunge his face deep inside to lick it clean.

The sailors got pretty horny while playing with Martin, and as soon as they ordered him to suck their cocks, they got very strong erections. Martin almost cries and tears are running down his face while the brutal masters fuck his face and shove their cocks deep inside his throat. That’s the price he had to pay for misrepresenting himself as a whore.


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  • obidient4u

    Tops Have Your Revenge On This Slutty Fag..

    Guys to 35 y.o. show this old 60 y.o. white slutty sub that my troubles are fsr from being over..Teach this lowly sub a lesson or two..

    Are You Horny as hell?.Has it been many of weeks and no pussy?.Put Your hands on me and turn me into Your little slutty bitch..

    Spank or use Your Belt to my ass until it glows red, then uninate in my mouth, essentially using me as a urinal..Masters force me to lick Your Feet..Your Boots..Only allowing me to use my tongue..

    So Your totally sweaty and haven’t taken a shower today..Force me to sniff Your Sweaty Body and then spread Your Ass Cheeks and order me to plundge my face and tongue deep inside to lick and suck it..

    Hopefully You’ll get pretty horny while playing with me, and as soon as You order me to suck Your Cock, You’ll get a strong erection..Fucking my face and shoving Your Cock Deep Inside my throat..That’s the price i have to pay for being a faggot whore, while You laugh and have fun..


    If Your within 40 miles of Waynesboro VA..

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